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7/05/2012 7:48 AM

Hi! I am excited to find another great place to chat about house rabbits.

Current Bunnies:

Rebecca Lynn (Becky)- Mini Lop- Cinchilla- 4.5 pounds- bunwife to Gary- She was neglected and abused, she has permanent neurological damage from being hit in the head. Got her from CCSPCA.


Ghirardelli Square (Gary)- Mini Rex- Castor- 3 pounds- husbunny to Becky- He was going to be killed for DQ by the breeder. First and last rabbit show I went to, I just couldn't let him die.


Houdini Muppet (Bini)- English Angora- Cream- 5.5 pounds- husbunny to Sophie- His mom came from a hoarding situation in Canada. He was born at the rescue.

Sophie Bee (Sobee)- New Zealand/Flemish Giant Mix- Red- 10.5 pounds- bunwife to Houdini- She was a kid's pet until she got too big (hello, GIANT!) then they gave her to a farmer for meat. A rescue group took her in and that is where I found her.



My Rainbow Bridge Bunnies:

Indiana Bunns- mini lop- black and white- Indy was neglected and had many health issues. He had to have his left eye removed and was deaf on that side. He passed during emergency surgery for recurring abscess in the eye socket. He was Becky's first husbunny.


Cinderella Lu- mini satin- pointed- Cindi was an Easter bunny that grew up. She spent 4 years at the rescue because she was shy. After she trusted me she was a total snuggle bunny and gave lots of kisses. She was really fat from her years in jail, but loved to run so she was in tip top shape in no time. Unfortunately she developed seizures that we could not get to stop. She was Houdini's first bunwife.


My rabbits are free-roam indoors. They have a room they go to at night (NIC down the middle separating the pairs) and when we are not home, then run around the whole house when supervised. I am working on bonding the two pairs so they can play as a group. They have lots of toys and are rather spoiled. Becky and Gary are certified therapy rabbits through

We also have 2 box turtles, 2 gerbils, 9 finches, and tropical fish. Everyone has been rescued other than the fish. I have a blog that I post lots of pictures to and chat about all sorts of things. I am MiniLopHop on


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7/05/2012 9:25 AM
Welcome to BB! I'm so glad all these precious buns found a forever home with you.

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7/05/2012 10:23 AM
That is such an amazing story, wecome to the forum. glad to have you here
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7/05/2012 12:47 PM
Welcome! All of your buns, former and present, are absolutely adorable and very fortunate that someone with a big heart like you found them to take them in and give them a home!!
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7/05/2012 4:13 PM
Welcome! Their stories touched me. Can't wait to hear more about them and see more pics

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7/06/2012 1:26 AM
A big Welcome to you and your beautiful bunnies! What a wonderful person you are to help bunnies in need!

I keep up with BunniesinBaskets Facebook page and I think the whole organization is so wonderful. You must be very proud of your therapy buns. Would love to hear more about their work.

Hope you enjoy BB!!!
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7/06/2012 1:58 AM
Welcome to BB!

All of your bunnies are precious! I'm so happy there are people like you who give abused animals a second chance, we need more of that! They are so lucky to have you!
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7/06/2012 9:28 AM
Welcome to BB!! Your bun stories are absolutely amazing and the bunny world is lucky to have someone like you who can take them in and care for them like they need and deserve! So wonderful.
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7/06/2012 5:20 PM

Thanks everybun! We are happy to be here. A few pictures of the buns at work:


Houdini got plucked for the summer tonight. It took an hour but he never fussed.

before   after

He is now all stretched out chilling in the living room and looking very proud of himself.

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7/06/2012 5:22 PM

A big warm welcome to you and your buns! 

Cuteness overload in this post. So happy that you gave these gorgeous buns a better chance at life! 


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7/06/2012 11:17 PM
Awe they are all really cute and what a nice organization to be a part of

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7/07/2012 5:37 AM
OH MY! In regards to the 5 bunnies Houdini just created

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8/17/2012 10:53 AM

I thought I should update my info. There are two more buns in the house

Last month a shelter worker posted on another forum I chat on that she had 3 days to find homes for 10 rabbits or they would be put to sleep due to lack of space at the shelter. I just couldn't stand it, particularly after seeing the little faces. WIth the help of very kind people we were able to find homes for all 10 in time! There were volunteer drivers that got the buns up the East coast one leg at a time. They came from Palm City Florida all the way to Virginia to drop off 4 in two homes. Then to Delaware to drop off one. Two are living with me in PA. The last three went to a home in NJ (the three amigos were such cute siblings we just couldn't split up!).

So without further ado- I give you Panda and Bunnicula!

Nothing phases Panda, he relaxed into the house so very quickly. I guess nothing is as scarry as deathrow.

Bunnicula is such a sweet little girl. The two had an instant bond after all the driving from Florida.

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Southern California
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8/17/2012 12:16 PM
You are so amazing for rescuing all these rabbits! If I could I would too! I am totally thinking of getting involved with my local bunny rescue soon.

I adopted my buns from my local rescue and they are so wonderful to me still. I love that rescue and would help them in any way I can.

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8/20/2012 1:09 AM
Thank you for taking in these beautiful bunnies!!! Are you planning on keeping them or just fostering?
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8/21/2012 10:33 AM
Awh they are both super cute! You are so kind for taking in all of them! There's a special bond I think when you give a rescue bun a forever home.
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8/24/2012 7:20 AM
I had intended to just foster the two new ones, but I am a total foster failure. There are worse things to be in life
I found them a great potential home, but go so very depressed at the thought of giving them up. I ended up helping arrange for her to adopt from the local house rabbit society instead.

Now I'm working on bonding all 6 together so I can remove all the fences.

I volunteer for a local rabbit rescue taking their petfinder pictures. I have found it very rewarding and helpful to them without getting too attached to anybun in particular.

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8/24/2012 9:55 PM
I've been reading your other thread on bonding the 6 and am so fascinated by this all. First off, huge hugs to you for taking on 2 additional buns and for caring for sick buns that most people would give up on. It makes me so happy to see people who give themselves and love so freely. You are a true gem in this world and it is obvious that your buns love you!

I love that you volunteer at a shelter and I agree. Taking pictures is probably the best way to go! hehe Otherwise you'd have to start a bunny farm. I'm thinking of volunteering at one as well but its an hours drive from me so I probably will only get to do it 2 or 3 times a month. I can't wait to check out the therapy site you mentioned. WHen I got my first bun it really helped me work through a major depression that I was in. Even my family mentioned how therapudic it was to just hold her and pet her. ALl our friends said the same thing. So the orginization and their purpose makes total sense to me! I'm gonna check out the site and see how I can help and/or get my buns involved.

Welcome to BB! It's wonderful to have you here! =)

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8/28/2012 5:38 AM

Christina, thank you for the warm welcome. I really have fallen head over heals in love with rabbits. They are so wonderful.

Becky got a really long snuggle last night. I fell asleep with her on my chest. My husband said she went to sleep too

All six went for an "unofficial" therapy visit to a co-worker's house to see his son. Sophie really doesn't have the personality but they all were wonderful with the little boy. He's 4 and disabled. He loved having the rabbits sit on his lap and stroke them. Here are a few photos from the visit.

Bunnicula and Panda passed the test with flying colors, so I will be going through the process to make them therapy buns since Becky had to retire.

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8/28/2012 9:51 AM

I loved reading your story, and I am so happy you shared.  Going to be checking into Bunnies in Baskets, and I loved all your pictures.  

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8/29/2012 7:18 AM
Those pictures are amazing! And adorable!
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