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5/24/2012 4:50 PM

Hi, my name is Amanda and I am the co-founder of the Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club ( Our family has 14 rabbits of our own and almost every single one of them is a rescue from some terrible situation or another, whether it be snake food, about to be released into a park or breeding culls, each bun has their own story to tell. As of right now, we also have 5 rabbits that are in foster care as well that we are looking to adopt out to good families so I'll be posting about them seperatly as well to try and find them homes.

As well as our rabbits, we also have 1 horse, 1 miniature horse, 1 dog and 1 chinchilla, we are very much a pet oriented family and would do anything for our guys!

To start off with bunny introductions, we have Willow. He actually came from an interesting situation in a Petland. We came into the store one day and discovered someone abusing their animals, tormenting the mice and shaking the budgies. We went to the employees and wanted them to do something, but to our shock they allowed it to continue. We reported the store to head office and, I suppose to keep us quiet, mentioned that should we ever want an animal, we could have one. Just so happens we ran into Willow and because of what happened, walked out of the store with him. He's now 7 years old and a wonderful boy.

Next we have Babbitty Rabbitty. Through circumstances, we knew a breeder and for her culls, she would give them to her UPS guy to feed to his snake. Babbitty was a day away from being sold for snake food at 6 weeks when we offered to take him. He's now a 5 year old Holland Lop and one of the best rabbits I could possibly ask for, we have an extremely close bond.

Next up we have Ty, he's a blue dutch who is an unknown age. He belonged to a family who had bought him as an impulse Easter gift and contacted a friend of ours when they decided they no longer wanted him, saying that if he wasn't picked up that night he would be released into a local park and left there. Long story short, our friend got him and we took him.

Then there is Popcorn who was actually intentionally purchased as a pet. He was the first rabbit my Mom got for herself and she got him as an 8 week old bun. He's a 3 year old black dutch.

We also have Wallaby who came from a breeder in Edmonton. He's a grey and white Canadian Plush Lop. The poor guy was kept outside and in Alberta, we have freezing winters so when he dipped his feet into the water crock, they froze to the bottom of his cage and his ears were also frostbitten. Luckily his feet are now pretty much normal but the flesh of his ears are still scarred from the frostbite.

Spyro was one we actually got at a different time but came from the same breeder, he was simply a cull that we took.

Then we have Jabberwocky and Peace, who both came from the same breeder down in Illonois. What makes them special is for the agility, we wanted a bit of a different breed so we got these guys, they are Belgian Hares. They are very unique and cool rabbits.

Next up we have Flynn, who has had an interesting start. She was actually one we got for free from a friend when she was a few months old. Back in February she actually was playing around and managed to dislocate her hip somehow. $2000 later she was one of the first bunnies in Calgary to have an FHO done to fix her leg. She's healed up extremely well and is now perfectly healthy again.

We also have Buttercup, who was a neglect case. Buttercup, her mother and another bun came from a family that had left all three of them free roam in their yards, leaving them to survive off of dog food during the winter since that was the only regular food they provided them. They did not have a secured yard so they were often seen wandering the neighbourhood. When Buttercup and her yard mates came, Buttercup was obese and extremely fearful of people. We rehomed the others and kept Buttercup (She has malnoclussion so we kept her to make sure that her needs are met) and since Buttercup has come a very long way.

Star was another that was one of our earlier buns that we got intentionally. He's a black dutch but instead of the regular blaze, he is black faced with a white star and a milk mustache

Kokomo is a dutch a rescue that we recieved from a woman who was expecting a baby and didn't think she would have the time. She had come from the humane society and had been bred before, but from the sounds of it her situation hadn't been good. We actually rehomed her twice after that but each time she was returned because she was "aggressive" (aka, she lunged but never actually made contact) so she wound up staying with us. It just wasn't fair to have her bounce between homes anymore.

The final two are ones we actually recently got, they were surrundered to us by someone who had a doe that they bred but the Mom died so we took them at only a few weeks old, so I syringe fed them to health. Tia and Kia are both very healthy now and just around 12 weeks. We plan on bonding them with Flynn to make a trio.

I'll probably be posting pics later but for now, there is a general introduction of me and my buns!

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5/24/2012 5:10 PM
Welcome! Wow you have an amazing story! Can't wait to see pictures!

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5/24/2012 5:14 PM
Hi welcome to Binky Bunny

Wow! Your bunnies have such great stories. You and are family are so nice for taking them in! I look forward to seeing pics of your bunnies

RIP Tigger          RIP Wilbur           RIP Totoro

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5/24/2012 6:28 PM

Alright, here's my little bunny family!













I'll have to post some pics of Tia and Kia later!

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5/25/2012 3:31 AM
I'm Bun-naping Wallaby All so cute and I'm so glad you got these bunnies out of horrible situations.

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5/25/2012 5:09 AM

Oh my goodness! They are beyond cute! Kudos to you for getting them out of those situations 

I am thankful for the ability to look over, and interact with such a beautiful creature as my horse, Sonny. #1000giftslunathe little lionheadDSC_0355maximus 'max'

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5/29/2012 12:57 PM
Awhhhhh oh my gosh!!! Too much cuteness!!!
RIP Tigger          RIP Wilbur           RIP Totoro

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