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5/24/2012 4:47 AM

Okay, so I thougth that I would put myself out ther erealyl quick. I am nineteen years old and have just gotten a bunny. His name is Rexxy, and he is pretty much my first pet ever, but things have just gone so well with him unlike what I've heard from the women I go to school with. I am a graphic design and mulitmedia major. I work on websites and editing photos. I have done a lot of shoots with bunnies after I got him and it's becoming more and more of a job now.

Now, about the baby. He is nothing short of a menace to my house. Ah! Eating all of my cardboard that I use to paint on, and digging on my butt when I'm trying to sleep on the couch. Staling my apples when I go  to eat them, and trying to escape the room he is confined to. But I do love him. He is abnormally passive, and I haven't run into any aggression issues. At almost a year old, he does not spray, does not growl, and does not charge. He loves attention and being held. His favorite thing to do is steal my clothes and things that smell like me....when I am wearing them. He is a jumper. He can jump really high like over playpens and dog gates. This makes containing him difficult. He is also a quick and agile little guy. I am unable to catch him. He makes round around my legs to the point where I get too dizy to stand watching him, and his ears are abnormally large, and he is a little too long to be a "good" mini rex. I think he's perfect.

That's the scared touble maker. He got himself stranded and neede to be rescued from the carpet island he put himself on in my kitchen. Shaking and clawing at my shirt to hold on. He calmed down in about thirty seconds.

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5/24/2012 4:48 AM
Welcome, I'm moving your post to your Welcome section.

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5/24/2012 4:51 AM
Well, my button is not working for that so I will have another FL move it to the Welcome section...

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5/24/2012 7:19 AM
Welcome. He sounds like a sweet little guy. My female likes to steal my clothes too, wearing or not wearing. haha

If he's a really good jumper, what I did for blocking off doors is they have these tall plastic doors for like kids cabinets and if you tape them shut and paint them they become just really tall door blockers. You can rig a hook for them onto doors, a little more annoying than baby gates with doors, but Powder my male can not only jump he CLIMBS if it's too tall to jump so only thing that works for keeping him out.

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5/24/2012 8:17 AM
Oh my goodness! You are such a life saver with that. We had a screen from a screen door up, but he keeps pushing it aside, then we used a glass frame on it's side but, he kept trying still and I was scared he was going to hurt himself. We used a doggy gate, but he jumped that. Hence the scared baby and the super mommy picture. But I'm going to try that tonight.

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5/24/2012 9:51 AM
He's a pretty little bun. Looks like he'd be extra soft

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5/24/2012 11:19 AM
Welcome... What a sweet looking lil' guy. Aahhh Rexxy, I had a Beta fish named Rexxy who just went to the big fishbowl in the sky a couple weeks back... Great name!

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5/24/2012 6:18 PM
Hi welcome to Binky Bunny Awhhhhh your bunny looks so sweet in that picture. I love Rexes, they have such soft fur!
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