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5/09/2012 12:27 PM
I just copied and pasted what you guys would like ot know and I'll fill it out!
  1. Rabbit names: Savannah
  2. Rabbit Age: A little over a year
  3. How long has your bunny been with you? 3 days
  4. Spayed/Neutered? Yes
  5. Rabbit Personality Traits (Calm, Diva, Naughty, Feisty, Sweet etc) So far sweet
  6. Include a photo of your bunny if you can. I will after they download off my phone!

The story of Savannah and how I got her: This might get long!

How to start? I am 26 just graduated from a community college with a Associate's in Science and am about to go for my Vet. Tech. I own 4 female guinea pigs which I have had for 2 years. I love them to death. They are super spoiled! I always wanted a bunny. I got the green light from my mom and began to look online at shelters in my area. Bunny adoption at our local shelter is $20 and they come spayed! Can't beat that! After about 6 months of looking and researching I finally went to an adoption event. I then met "Snowy"(her shelter name). She was in a little carrier that was in a puppy pen. She looked nervous but her hears were up and she was alert. I met with the adopters talked and asked about a million questions, and did a meet and greet. She hopped all over me, nibbled my jeans and let me hold her. I was so thrilled! I signed the paper work and took her home on Cinco de Mayo!

She weighs about 3.5lbs and is white except for her lilac points on her nose and ears. Super sweet and loves to be in the middle of everything! 

I set her carrier in my room(which I bunny proofed after researching here as well as other websites). I have a baby gate up so she can't escape my room, I let her come out at he own leisure. After 15-20 minutes she slowly came out, used her liter box, and began exploring. Since I've never owned a bunny,, I watched her from my bed, making little noise as possible. She then began to zoom around, jumping in the air doing little kick flips, and what I call "Popcorning" since I see it in my guinea pigs. that was when I noticed the limp.She was favoring her back right leg. holding it up when she ran fast, but was using it when she would try to get something high. It wasn't stopping her from getting into trouble, jumping on things, testing my bunny proofing or anything. I get a free vet visit through the shelter and made an appointment.

The vet visit wet simple and easy. I set the carrier on the ground and she hopped right in. The vet checked her out and said her knee felt swollen. I decided an x-ray was the best bet. I wanted to know what was going on, I was super worried. While the vet watched her she did notice that she was using the leg, just not as much as the left one. The x-ray came back and I was shocked. She has an old break, probably about month according to the vet. My poor baby had a broken leg! It was healing on its own, but looks like she will had a bone abnormality after it heals since it isn't set right. Since it is already healing and she is using it, we are going to put her on cage rest til it finished healing. I have another appointment in a month to check back on it. 

So my poor baby who had my whole room, is now in a cage til she heals. needless to say, she is not happy. She tore up her cage, flipped everything over, and gives me the evil eye. I know its in her best interest but she is break my heart! lol I sit by her cage and read to her and she'll come to the side I'm on and lay by it. She is on day two of her confinement, and while she's angry, I think she's getting over it. I am happy to find a resource to find info. I am in another forum for my guinea pigs and it helped me with everything, I'm glad to find one with bunnies! I've had Savannah 6 days and she's already had a rough start. I hope that after all of this she is a happy healthy bunny! I would love to get her a companion but want to wait til after her break heals completely. She doesn't need anymore stress!

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions let me know and if I did something wrong let me know! Right now I am a sponge for information!

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5/09/2012 2:36 PM
Welcome to BB She is very lucky you rescued her! You definitely did a lot of research and seem like your taking really good care of her. Hopefully her leg will heal soon! It can be tough for bunnies to be kept in small areas, does she have any kinds of toys in there so it will help her be less bored? Can't wait to see pics!
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5/09/2012 3:09 PM
I am switching out toys to keep her from getting bored, but she just tips over everything(liter box, food dish ect.) to entertain herself! I did put some photos on my profile, not sure how to post them I'm still reading all the forums to find info!

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5/09/2012 4:16 PM
Welcome to the bunny slave club!!
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5/09/2012 5:49 PM
Thank you! I'm already a cavy(guinea pig) slave so I needed a new title. ha ha!
I sit by her cage and read to her (the Velveteen rabbit since it is my favorite) and she comes over to be petted and lays down. She seems to be a real sweet heart and I couldn't be happier!

I'm trying to resize all my photos...might take a few days! 

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5/10/2012 4:55 AM
Welcome! So glad to know that you adopted her!