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9/17/2009 3:01 PM

I'm Stephanie, I'm 24 years old and I live with my boyfriend Michael. We live in Edmonton Alberta and have 1 bun and 1 dog.


Gizmo is our Bunny,  A Holland Lop and the biggest lovebun you could ever meet. We were told he was a Boy when we got him but the vet is thinking he's actually a girl, we won't know until it's time to get him/her fixed! He's about 14 weeks old! Loves parsley and mint, as well as timothy hay and small bits of Alpalpha (more than a bit gives him Major poopy butt) he doesn't run around as much as he used to (unless i have an orange)  he's starting to mellow out, he's more content to hop up on the couch and hop over myself or michael and his favorite spot is michaels shoulder.


Sophie is our little puppy, she is a toy poodle (hypoallergenic) and a few weeks younger than gizmo. We are starting to house train her as well but she's still a little confused by it, although she will go to bed when you say bed! She loves to run in the yard and she actually runs more like a rabbit than a dog (we think gizmo is rubbing off on her). We do let gizmo and sophie interact and while one is out they usually inspect the other's living arrangements. while being in a cage gizmo prefers to be higher up than her so that is why his cage is off the ground! (he was a bit more skitish when he was on the floor, now we're closer to his level while visiting his cage. They do also play together although sophie is always on a leash while this is happening, she isn't really allowed any stuffed animals other than one that looks more like a ball, we don't want her to see a connection with bunnys and toys! we also do the joint playtime when she's really tired, she doesn't really go into play bite or chase mode while the leash is there. and sometimes they will groom each other! Gizmo will now even push her out of the way if there is food involved and she will knock him over trying to find more bunny "pellets"



Now it's picture time!


this was gizmo on the very night we brought him home and he was put on our bed while we set up his cage (his original small one)



this was him at about 10 weeks old in his favorite place to nap



perched on his log cabin



and getting some nomnom parsley!



Now it's sophie's turn!  (she thinks she's a bun)




helping daddy out at work



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9/17/2009 5:11 PM
That shoulder pic is the best!!!!!!! How sweet! And Sophie makes a mighty cute bunny too. A sort of wooly breed with harlequin markings.
Whoever says "It's only a rabbit" has obviously never loved a rabbit.

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9/17/2009 5:47 PM
OHHHH, Gizmo and Sophie are adorable! Welcome to BB
BuNnY cRaZy

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9/18/2009 7:10 AM
They are both cutie-patooties Welcome

I live in Edmonton too Nice fall we are having hey?

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9/18/2009 6:15 PM
OHHHHHH! CUUUUUTE!!!! Thanks so much for sharing those adorable photos!!!

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9/18/2009 6:37 PM
AAAAww beautful pictures!!

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9/26/2009 5:34 AM
this fall has been so weird, hot cold hot cold.

better watch out for that swine flu haha

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10/04/2009 11:16 AM
Furry Family: Furry Family tiny

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