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9/11/2009 10:54 AM

Samson is a spunky 9 month old holland lop.  He was a "leftover" easter bunny that I adopted when he was about 7 wks old.  He is a daredevil and loves to jump up onto and over high places.  In his spare time he enjoys zooming around the living room, flopping on his cooling tile, begging for head rubs, snuggling with Ivy, and watching Lilo and Stitch.   He loves being squirted with water and will stand at my feet when I am washing dishes to get a squirt from the hose.  His favorite foods are kale, broccoli, and spinach.

Ivy was abandoned in the park when he was just a baby.   A nice lady running in the park found him and another bun and rescued them from the hot Texas summer heat.  I am not sure of his age but I think he is about 7-9 months old.  He is a gorgeous white albino bunny, either a Florida or New Zeland white.  He is a true lovebun and enjoys snuggling with his buddy Samson, flopping next to me for cheeck rubs, throwing around his toys, digging and chewing anything pink,  and watching action movies.  Unlike his bud Sammy he is terrified of heights and stairs.  His favorite foods are carrots, celery, redleaf lettuce and cucumbers.


Rachel, Samson and Ivy


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9/11/2009 11:02 AM
Aww they are so cute, Rachel! The little blurbs you typed up about the two of them - I love that buns have such big personalities! Samson really likes being squirted with water?! And from the kitchen sink... quite a bit of water comes out of that. Hehe silly bun!

Leroy doesn't like stairs either, Ivy!

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9/11/2009 11:20 AM
Cute bunnies! I am glad that you adopted them, or they adopted you
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9/11/2009 11:52 AM
Great picture's Rachel. I love the last one with all three of you. I love that your pair are so different from each other which is probably why they are such good buddies. How does Ivy end up chewing just pink things though :~)

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9/11/2009 12:17 PM
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9/11/2009 1:42 PM
I dont know why Ivy only chews pink things but they have bunny rugs in the kitchen to lounge on and Ivy has destroyed only the pink one. Not sure why he likes digging and chewing on that one only... but its nice because he doesnt mess with my mat by the sink. Bunnies are so fun!

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9/11/2009 10:24 PM
Awe, must be that opposites attract! They are beautiful and I love that that they now have a forever home with such a great human!

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9/11/2009 10:31 PM
They are adorable! What a pair!

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9/11/2009 10:46 PM
Cute! I love your descriptions! I should give my bunnies write-ups in my profile - you've inspired me!
I think I'm going to call Samson "Squirt" now. How cute is that with him and water?!
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9/12/2009 7:46 AM
Samson just looks like a little stuffed toy and I love REW bunnies! Ivy is gorgeous!
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9/13/2009 6:23 AM
They are precious buns! Welcome here! I'm looking forward to hearing more about their hijinx!
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9/14/2009 9:07 AM
Squirt... hehehe I love it!!! I learned about Sammys like of water on accident. Sammy was running around my feet (as he normally does in the evenings) while I was doing dishes. By accident I dripped some water on him, he shook his head and then sat there staring up at me. He looked so cute almost like he was begging. So I got some water on my fingers and dripped on his forhead... off he went running and made the biggest binky I'd ever seen him do. Then he came running straight back to me and flopped by my feet. It was pretty adorable!! Ever since that day whenever he hears the sink running no matter where he is he comes running and then sits there looking up at me waiting for a squirt from the hose. Its really cute.... ill have to try and get a video of it

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9/15/2009 12:11 PM

That is so funny! Haha I love it. Chubs also doesn't mind water in the slightest, but he hasn't come around asking for it either, lol. Our first dating attmepts were when we realized,, because he was completely unphased by the water bottle! You should get a video of this water action and Sammy

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9/21/2009 9:21 AM
Welcome!! They are both adorable Squirt hehehe

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