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Welcome to The BinkyBunny "House Rabbit" Forums!  We are happy you decided to join us! 

NOTE: You don't have to be a brand new newbie to post here. If you haven't introduced yourself or you introduced yourself elsewhere before with questions, then just repost here so we can get to know you again. 

Be sure to stop by the Forum Rules & Guidelines to understand the tone and culture of our community.

Please post a little something about yourself and/OR, at the the very least , about  your rabbit(s).  This makes it easier for us to recognize you and be of help when you post comments and questions in the rest of the forum.  When posting an introduction of yourself, please create your own thread. (avoid replying to someone else thread with your own introduction) 

Rabbit Info:

  1. Rabbit names:
  2. Rabbit Age:
  3. How long has your bunny been with you? 
  4. Spayed/Neutered?
  5. Rabbit Personality Traits (Calm, Diva, Naughty, Feisty, Sweet etc)
  6. Include a photo of your bunny if you can.

We'd also love to know more about you, (but it's okay if you'd rather just stick to info about your bunnies).

Do not give out personal identifying info, like full name,address,email, ph# etc

  1. Are you new to rabbits or have you been a bunny slave for a long while now? 
  2. What made you choose to have a rabbit companion in your life? 
  3. Anything else that you'd like to share - hobbies, interests, talents.
  4. When you get a chance - fill out your profile info.    (We are still working on those- but you can still fill out the bios and upload photos to your photo album.)


IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL  MEMBERS :  To prevent posts from getting sidetracked with questions that should be posted in other forums, please use this section ONLY  for Introductions and Welcome greetings.  If you have any further questions or comments regarding rabbit care or more "loungy" stuff, please post in the appropriate forum. 

We will also be moving some posts TO and FROM this section as we feel appropriate.

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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > Welcome ! > Welcome! Come Introduce Youself. (Please Read)