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1/13/2007 5:08 PM
I need some creative ideas to block the back of my couch so Miss Cuddles doesn't get back there! I tried using thick cardboard and making a "block", well she jumped that and brought it to the front of the couch. Looked more like a, ha! that's what I think of your cardboard! She just keeps chewing through the laptop power cord that I have plugged in there, there aren't any closer outlets, and she keeps sneaking back there and going potty so I really would like to prevent that. I really can't afford another $70 cord! And wouldn't you know it, she has figured out how to unplug it!
I can't push the couch flat against the wall because there are two windows there and the bottom frame is just low enough there is a good three inch space back there.
Any ideas?? TIA!
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1/13/2007 5:39 PM

We used those "Organize it"cubes to build our bunny condos and with what we had left over we have used to build gates to block off rooms they arent allowed in. We just got a new couch and we have the same problem- sits 6in away from the wall. So we just attached two of the squares from the cube sets and put them there as a little gate. The rabbits cant climb it and neither have seemed very interested in jumping it. If they did then we would just build it a little taller.

You can buy these cube sets for $13 from Target and available other places by different names. Walmart has them as well but there are less squares and cost more.


Once I figure out how to post pictures on here i can show you what i mean.

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1/13/2007 5:44 PM
I noticed Cuddles was young...has she been neutered yet? That may help with the chewing and potty behavior. Also, I read somewhere that you can stick a clove of garlic somewhere you don't want them to go and they stay away because they don't like the smell. But I haven't actually tried this yet myself.

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1/13/2007 5:56 PM
Ah nice, I just bought one of those for my art supplies! I may try that! Thanks!!

I plan on having her Spayed when I have my pup neutered, so this month likely.
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1/13/2007 7:22 PM
I pushed my couch all the way back for a few weeks and sprayed perfume on the bottom of it to deter her. Also, I trained her like a cat: with a water bottle. Everytime she got to the side of the couch that faced against the wall, I would spray her with the water bottle and say "no no no". Now, the couch is pulled back out and she doesn't even try to go back there anymore since she tried a thousand times when it was pushed back and couldn't. Probably also doesn't help that she remembers getting wet everytime she went back there!
Oh yes, I have a wire chewer also. I bought the acrylic tubing from PetSmart that they sell for aquariums. It protects my cable wires and laptop wire. My dad slit a razor blad cut in the tubing so that I could wrap it around the cables and wires. works perfectly!

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1/15/2007 9:51 AM
i'll help Heidi out with some pics~

This is what the box of 'em looks like:

And this is how we're using some of 'em, under our table/desk:

Hope this helps!
Godspeed to all of y'all out there on the highways and byways!

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1/15/2007 11:38 PM

You've gotten some good suggestions as to how to block your couch.  You can also try and spary perfume back there and see if that deters.

Regarding your cords, there are also corregated cord covers you can use too.   Check the Bunny Proofing section out here on this site to see them.

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