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12/20/2006 8:56 PM
I'm new here. My name is Sara and I have 2 dwart rabbits and many other animals, furry and scaley.

I'm posting here because I'm worried and I'm not sure what to do. One of my rabbits I just got from my boyfriend's brother. She's been poorly taken care of since he got her. She's been on all the wrong food, never had any hay, has a cage far too small, doesn't get out to play EVER and has nothing to help wear her teeth down. Unfortunately, he would not give her up to me and insisted that he was taking care of her. I finally talked him into giving me the rabbit a few days ago and now I have her back at mine and my boyfriend's apartment. Yesterday the worst possible thing that could happen happened. She has what appears to be blood in her urine.

Since I just got her and she's not littertrained I lined the bottom of her cage with paper towel. The urine on it looked almost like koolaid. I also saw the same thing on the tile in the bathroom when I let her out to explore. I can't take her to a vet right now as we just paid a $200 deposit on our apartment and just cannot afford a vet bill. Is there anything I can do to help her? What could be causing this?

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12/20/2006 11:09 PM
WELCOME SnowflakeSara831!!   What a wonderful heart you have!

Don't panic, most likely what you are seeing is a harmless pigmentation due to diet or the season.  Actual blood is rare, but red urine is actually not uncommon.   Check out this article

Is she eating and pooping normally?   What was her diet previously, and what is her diet now?   How old is she?   Has she been spayed?   You said that he never gave her anything to help wear her teeth down?  Is she suffering from any malloclusions?

If you truly feel it is blood, then she should be seen by a vet as that can be sign of cancer.

Vets, no matter what the animal, are expensive! (but especailly with rabbits because they actually are in the "exotic" category with vets)   And one thing with rabbits is that they can get sick and die within 24 hours, and waiting can be a matter of life or death with rabbits,  so being able to run to the vet is important.     I have a tip that can help with having to deal with last minute expensive emergencies that may happen in the future.  I have pet insurance!  The one I use is   It cost about 12 bucks a month, and they pay about 70% - 80%, and they pay claim usuallly in a couple of weeks.   The only thing they don't cover is parasitic problems and pre-existing conditions.  

 I know I sound like a sales ad.  I don't work for them, don't get commission, or any kind of compensation for referring.  I just have been singing their praises because they have personally saved me over $1000 when one of my bunnies got a serious abscess.   The surgery was $900, the meds, the follow ups etc. was ridiculous.     I also got a credit card just to cover emergencies, and so I could pay up front, and then by the time the cc bill was due, I was getting paid by the insurance company.

Again WELCOME! and keep us updated!    I am so happy you got that bunny away from her situation and taking care of her.   A big heart!   Bunnies come with all kinds of challenges - littertraining, house proofing, etc.   We're here to help  you out!

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12/21/2006 1:35 AM
She is eating and pooping normally. He was feeding her a Walmart brand rabbit food with all the nuts and dried fruits in it. I bought him a small bag of Oxbow at one point because I felt so sorry for the poor girl. He eventually stopped buying the food and she was just living off of carrots for the last few weeks he had her. I've been giving her about 1/8 of Kaytee Timothy Complete everyday and I'm trying to do it slowly so I don't shock her system going from practically nothing to a ton of food. She also has unlimited Timothy hay.

She is not spayed, and is about 10 months old and her gums and teeth look fine.

I just talked to my boyfriend and he said her pee looks totally normal today so I'm thankful for that... Should this get better since her diet has changed?

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Nashua, NH
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12/21/2006 2:47 AM
Hi Sara,
If her diet WAS all carrots for the last few weeks your boyfriends brother had her, then most certainly the discolored urine is due to carotene, which gives the carrot the orange color.
I hope the poor bunbun continues to feel better. At the age of 10 months, it is unlikely that the discoloration in the urine is due to cancer. But hopefully you will get her spayed once everything calms down.
What is her name?

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12/21/2006 1:49 PM
Whew ok. Thank you for all of your help. I've been watching her very closely all day today and haven't seen any discolored urine as of yet. Her stools also still look totally normal. I'm going to continue monitoring her closely for a while to make sure everything is all right and I'll be sure to let you all know how she is.

Her name is Flopsy. My boyfriends brother, even after having her for 6 months, never named her. She was just referred to as "the rabbit". It breaks my heart that someone can have a pet, especially such a very sweet and loving pet, that they don't even feel is worthy of a name. I'm very thankful that we have her now and she's safe to live a happy life.

I also have another female  bunny named Abby. She is about 14 months old land is the sweetest little thing. I'll have to gather up some pictures when we get internet at the apartment (I'm using my boyfriend's laptop at work right now) and post them.

Again, thank you for all the help.

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12/21/2006 7:55 PM
:YEAH, she now officially has a name - Flopsy!!  How cute!   Can't wait to see pics!

I didn't know you had another rabbit, and the fact that you were giving Oxbow sounds like you've got the rabbit facts!   

Are you ever planning on trying to bond the two? 

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12/22/2006 10:15 AM
Hehe I don't claim to be an expert, but I know the bunny basics.

I'd love to bond them one day, but I want to get them spayed first. Unfortunately, we haven't had the money. Does the pet insurance you mentioned cover spaying and neutering?  I've been trying to find a rescue type group that does it at discounted costs and what not since I've been having the hardest time littertraining Abby. She pees in her litterbox all the time, even out of her cage, but I cannot for the life of me get her to stop pooping all over the house ) I'm hoping that will get easier after she is spayed. If anyone knows of any organizations that spay animals other than cats and dogs for free/discounted please let me know. I live in the Houston, TX area if that helps any.

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12/24/2006 8:27 PM
You can actually call a rescue group or shelter and see if they can recommend a low cost spay and neuter clinic.

There's a rabbit rescue group in Houston Texas that has a vet list and their cost - some are only $50 bucks all the way up to $600!!  $600?!!!  Wow, that's ridiculous.   But at least is shows options- (I think the very last vet listed is $50 bucks)

Then just click on spay and neuter.

Hope that helps and leads to a spay surgery you can afford.

Keep us updated!

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1/14/2007 4:45 AM
Dear Sara,

If you need to spay flopsy, and you are on a budget, then you should go to an S.P.C.A nearby. We got our rabbits fixed there, and it only cost us $30 per rabbit! I hope flopsy feels better!!