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User is Offline Ester Yeh
Houston, TX
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9/22/2006 9:58 PM
i was reading about how for some rabbits certain greens can cause gas. I was just wondering how you can tell if your bun has gas? Can you hear it when they do?

User is Offline Elena Niznik
Glasgow (Scotland)
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9/23/2006 3:44 AM
hey. if you listen to their tummy with a stethoscope (sp?) normal tummy sounds are a light gurgling sound. Abnormal sounds are loud gurgling sounds that come in laboured intervals. Veggies like cabbage and sprouts and anything long those lines including broccoli all give gas but I think it really depends on the individual bunny and how their digestive systems works.

User is Offline ea hurse
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9/24/2006 9:30 AM
i didnt hear my bunny's gas being released - but i smelled it! when that happened i had to ask (on another link!) whether i had imagined it, but i think we came to the conclusion that they do indeed fart and whatsmore it is highly unpleasant!!! better out than in though, and if you find one type of veg sets off the gas then it's best to avoid it in future.