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11/09/2012 10:17 PM
Sofie and Suki are 9 week old Mini Lops. They are indoor rabbits. They live in a pen and come out when I am there to supervise for exercise. On the floor of the pen (Ferplast 120) is saw dust. They have Great and Small bedding and sawdust in their litter tray. This morning I noticed that 1 of Sofie's eyes is red around the rim. What could have caused this and should I rush her to the vet. Hekp, Neurotic Subtitiute mummy

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11/10/2012 2:29 AM
It could be irritated by the sawdust. I would try removing that and see if her eye improves. Many of the bedding products are not great for the eyes or respiratory system. Can also affect the liver in the long term.

I'm not familiar with Great and Small bedding. What is it made from?

It is easier to litter train rabbits without bedding also. Having both bedding and litter material, they just tend to toilet on both. It's really not necessary for indoor rabbits. You can keep the pen floor bare or use towels, fleece rugs, small carpets grass mats if you wish.

Another possible cause is the other rabbit might be grooming this ones eye too much. Do they groom each other?

You might need to give her eye a wipe or flush with saline. I hope you see an improvement soon. If it remains irritated then its best to see a vet. Always a good idea with new pets anyway.
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11/10/2012 10:08 AM

Dear JerseyGirl  

Thank you so much for your response. I actually took Sofie to the vet who was prescribed some cream. The vet was of the same opinion that it was the sawdust.

As I have only had them just over a week I didn't want to risk waiting. The breeder did say that Siamese Mini Lops do have red rimmed eyes but this was more than that and i didn't want to risk her eye.

The Great and Small bedding is similar to - but not - tissue paper, its edible so there is generally very little left come morning.

I asked the vet and have replaced the sawdust on the pen floor with newspaper. I know them is some debate as to whether this is acceptable,but the vet said there was no evidence to suggest that it will harm them.

Saw dust still in the litter tray but will replace it as soon as possible.

They do grrom each other - bought them from the same litter so have sisters. I had also had the same thought.

I did my reaserch before I bought them - but you learn so much more once you have them ;-)


Thank you again for responding :-)


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11/10/2012 10:36 AM
I'm glad it was the bedding! Ruby had one of her eyes with a red rim around it when she was younger and it turned out to be a parasite - bedding is a little cheaper and easier to fix

an easy alternative for the bedding that needs to be replaced is material like felt or fleece