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11/07/2012 11:27 AM

so i have a rabbit, milo, that i adopted back in january of this year from a rescue, so he is already spayed and was around 6 months when i adopted him! he lives in an xpen but the panels are longer than the average 24" long panels, the measurements are 6'10" long and 28" wide and 42" tall and it has a small shelf attached to it! the shelf is 40" long and 27 and 1/2" wide.

he is not a big rabbit, he is a holland lop - around 4lbs. anyway, my room is REALLY small, but if i were to get a rabbit, these would be my plans: i would get a loft bed and i have an old XL dog crate in the garage (milo's old cage before i upgraded) that would be enough space for a rabbit; especially if it were a baby. im not really leaning towards adoption unfortunately, i am looking at a breeder or someone on craigslist (sketchy i know but i would go over there and look at their housing and stuff) would that work? here are some pictures of what my room looks like, ITS VERY COLORFUL LOL each wall is a different color and i tried to make it so that it was "in order" in my photo stream? and the very last picture is a picture of my room in the panorama thing, and that's literally all the room i have, im sitting on my bed which is right  in the corner so space left whatsoever:

so as you can see it's very small BUT once i get a loft bed i can put my old XL dog crate underneath it and there will still be extra room and i will be able to let the rabbits out more cause i dont have to worry about them peeing on my bed, cause they wont be able to get on it. 

and as for the neutering / spaying that will not be a problem as i have a very nice rabbit savvy vet (she is on the list of vets in my area on the list and she is wonderful!) - the fees are not a problem, i know they are very pricey usually way over 200$ and i am not forgetting the fact that i will need to buy alfalfa pellets and hay and the rabbit's will need to be kept separate for a long time.

my concerns: i do believe i am ready - both financially and time wise for another rabbit. but i dont know about space? and if i have 2 rabbits will they play with each other or will they still play with me? milo will often jump on the bed with me and nudge my leg or hand for a massage! that is so cute i really dont want him to stop, and i also really want the other rabbit to socialize with me. and will it be a problem that they will be in the SAME room? but in different cages? or is that okay? 

i just really want to have the expierence of having a baby rabbit, and taking care of it and watching it grow! 

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11/07/2012 12:35 PM
If you can bond them (that's what you're planning to do right?), then it might be ok, but there's always the chance that they don't bond, in that case you might not have enough room for each of them. Being in the same room, unbonded, will also most likely end in a poop war...
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11/07/2012 12:40 PM
yes, as soon as the other rabbit is able to be spayed/ neutered i plan on bonding them!

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11/07/2012 12:41 PM
What do your parents think of an additional rabbit? What will happen to the pair of them when you go to college? 1 rabbit may be easier for your parents to handle when you are away at school, so keep that in mind too.

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11/07/2012 1:23 PM
ah college, to be honest im not sure! if i go to a college thatdoes not require a dorm stay i might stay at an apartment, but then i will have to have a job to support myself. which means very little time for the rabbits. argh everything is so complicated. my mom said she would talk about it when she gets home (she's on her way i think) i dont think it's right for me to give them away when i go to college; i just feel as if its selfish. but i cant help feeling like i want another bunny? actually i do have enough room at the end of my bed for the XL dog crate, i might have to move my bed (against a different wall, no big deal i move my bed everytime i change the sheets!)

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11/07/2012 1:48 PM
oh my mom said yes by the way - extremely shocking though it took me years to convince her to get milo, and before when i wanted a baby rabbit she said no LOL

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11/08/2012 2:31 AM
Well, first I think you definitely need to consider that during the bonding process they will need to be housed separately. This may be for weeks or months depending on how difficult the bonding is. I would not consider getting another rabbit unless you are sure you will be able to provide for them while at college. You have to think about their future too.

Why would you not adopt? Supporting breeders, unfortunately, creates more shelter bunnies.
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11/08/2012 5:55 AM
i would like to have the experience of getting a baby bunny and taking care of it and watching it grow up. for college, i dont even know what college I'm going to, most likely it will: not be close to my home and depending on the college, it may or may not require a dorm stay, i cant say at this point but if the college does not require a dorm stay i will probably live in a nearby apartment, maybe with a room mate? but i dont know cause i probably wont know anyone at the college so i wouldnt be able to find a room mate? but if it does require a dorm stay (only schools that have that are colleges near me) so they'll be near me but my mom might have to do most of the taking care of, which i hate to put on her but when im at school she often checks on milo and claims that she likes taking care of him. most likely a lie but still

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Hillsboro, Oregon
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11/08/2012 7:40 AM
i would hold off for now on another bun, if there are still so many questions about what you will do for school. There's always time for another bun later on

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11/08/2012 11:09 AM
I would wait - you have the rest of your life and heck, you should enjoy your college years and live it (and study hard). There will be plenty of time for pets afterwards. As for getting a baby rabbit, you do the exact same thing with a rescue rabbit and you pointed out that Milo was only 6 months old when you adopted him, that is a baby. In any event, you should not put yourself in a position of making a decision on college based on your pets...that is the wrong thing to do at your age, college is more important than pets and expenses (like paying rent), they matter and they matter alot.

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11/08/2012 11:16 AM
Baby bunnies are A LOT of work. Plus, you may not know if your current bunny will like the new one, and you may end up having to house them separately. Also, a lot of colleges require students to live in the dorm the 1st - 2nd years of college, and don't allow pets. You will have to look into that when the time comes.

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11/09/2012 3:28 PM
All colleges I've ever been aware of do require (at least) freshmen to live on campus, if not sophomores. And dorm-living is such an important part of the experience, I would think you'd want to stay there at least the first year! I would definitely wait. It's tough when you want something really bad, but you will be better off waiting until you're on your own. It's so easy to get in over your head!
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