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11/03/2012 5:21 PM
Hey guys!

Foo's ears are really cold today, should I be worried? She's eating, pooping and peeing like normal, and run around and binkies like her crazy bun self. It has gotten cooler here since the hurricane so maybe thats it? Any insight would be helpful, as Im an overprotective mom.


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11/03/2012 5:39 PM
Ruby's ears have been feeling cold for a few days, too. And her tongue feels warmer than usual. I wasn't too worried since she's active and eating/pooping as usual... hope someone has an answer for this!

FooFoosMommy, we're all overprotective mommas!!

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11/03/2012 10:47 PM
Rabbits regulate their temperature through their ears. If things get a bit chilly, a bunny's ears will be colder as they restrict the veins in their ears. When they are hot, the veins in their ears get a bit larger (layman term here), allowing more blood flow there so that they can cool their blood via their ears. Cold ears are not normally a concern UNLESS you see other signs of illness -- not pooping, not eating, or lethargic, etc.

So if your bunny is acting healthy and normal, and the only thing that really has changed is that things are bit chillier than normal, then her cold ears may just be her way of preserving heat. Just make sure she has some cozy blankets and a hidey box to help her stay warm if she wants to.  But it looks like if she's doing eating and doing binkies, then she's not bothered much by the cooler temps. 

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11/04/2012 1:27 AM
Thanks BB! I couldnt get a straight answer when I googled. I feel a lot better, I kept feeling her ears yesterday like I was taking her temp or something. She has two blankies and sheepy to snuggle with but Ill find her another one.

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11/04/2012 3:30 AM
My buns get chilly ears sometimes too. I call them "ear-sicles".
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11/04/2012 4:14 AM
Haha, earsicles! I told her I was going to learn how to knit and make her some ear warmers, lol.

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11/06/2012 5:58 PM
If there is no other behaviour/health concerns than it's no issue. Cold ears really just mean your bunny is not actively working to cool her body at the moment