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Last Post by MimzMum at 10/11/2012 10:34 AM (13 Replies)
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Southwest Oregon
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10/09/2012 11:53 PM
Mimzy has always had light colored flesh inside his ear flap. But as of the last few days it's got a distinct blue tint.
Other areas on his body: lips, skin and at least his upward eye are all still somewhat pink. But his downward eye has a paler look than the other.
I'm praying this is not early signs of heart failure. Any thoughts?
Obviously I can't wait much longer to have him at the vet, but the roads are pretty icy right now with freeze up in full swing. It'll be a rough ride but I'm calling in tomorrow to see when we can get an appointment.
My son is recovering from wisdom tooth extraction as is just upside down this.

Pip may have bladder trouble too. May be a two bun trip.

What should I do to keep Mimzy comfy till he can be seen? Thanks.

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10/10/2012 5:41 AM
Wow, I've never ever heard of this being a symptom of heart disease or heart failure. Is it the flap that is on the tilt side down? Maybe that has something to do with it.

Signs are usually heavy breathing, lethargy, those type of things, never heard of ears turning blue.

I think as far as keeping him comfy you are most likely already doing this.

Vibes to you, your son, Mimzy and Pip.

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10/10/2012 7:08 AM
I have never heard of this and don't have anything to add -- but just wanted to say I'm sending healing vibes for you all! Keep us updated on what you find out and hope things started looking up for you and your family! There's always a rainbow after the storm!
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10/10/2012 7:23 AM
It does sound odd. I'm also curious if it his ear on the tilt side. Or both?

All I can think is how they use ears to regulate temperature somewhat. Is the temp in the house also plummeting?
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Joplin MO
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10/10/2012 7:32 AM
very very odd, is there anyway he could be laying on something that could be cutting off circulation to the area? Send you best wishes and ((((((((Healing Vibes)))))))) (always 8 vibes one from each of our clan!!)
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10/10/2012 9:25 AM
Hmm, weird! Is it just in one ear? Is his behavior different at all?

Sending health vibes for all up north!
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Southwest Oregon
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10/10/2012 10:17 AM
Thanks guys. No, it's both ears and this morning he's actually feeling quite warm in them and the blue is very light and down the center. They also appear to itch pretty bad because he scratches them often. I think his eyelid on the downside is a bit pale also, but it never sees the sun anymore so that may be why.
I'll grasp at any straw...could it be something other than the heart? This morning he is spinning in his 'night box' (a storage tub I converted to a hospital bed during his illness) and periscoping like crazy for a fuss. I'll be moving him to his xpen within the hour and when he finishes his initial mapping he'll likely spend most of his time snoozing. Our house is warm so I leave him a freeze bottle for comfort. He rarely stretches out to sleep anymore and usually lays his head on that, but only recently has he shown this new symptom. I've even tried covering the bottles with sweatsocks to keep him from freezing his face, but no difference.
His appetite is not great for hay but that's nothing new. He eats mostly store greens now that frost has claimed our outdoor forage. Carrot tops, shaved carrot, green leaf lettuce and italian parsley. Occasional kale but that gives him gas. Not drinking much, typical when I up his greens.
He is in terrible moult also. Most of his fur is just gone. He's tearing at what's left. Still using selamectin each month for mites.
He has a minimum poop output that bugs me despite eating willow twigs and hay cupcakes like they're going out of style.

I'd like to reintroduce pellets but with that ninety degree tilt I fear he'd choke.
Could something be pinching in his neck that's causing the blueness? Or could this be the coloring from the meclazine pills that we discontinued earlier this month flushing from his system?
Were any other skin on him blue I'd be very alarmed but it's just the ears.
And he does feel quite warm today. His temp seems to fluctuate wildly. Maybe it's just his inner thermostat?
I'm just so worried. I don't want to blow this 'sign' and miss something important like I almost did with his headtilt.

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Edmonton, Alberta; Canada
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10/10/2012 7:26 PM
I agree-if there are more blue areas I'd be worried, but with just the ears, and with it being fairly stable it's less alarming. Are you able to post a pic?

Geez whats with the bunnies needing the vet when the roads are bad?


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Southwest Oregon
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10/10/2012 8:57 PM
Thanks K&K
My daughter and I have been scouring the net tonight on what I am like to call a whisper from God.
I'd been wondering if maybe all those months on meclazine (a little blue may have caused the color to build up in his system and come out his skin.
But I felt prompted to look ip the metaclopromide that he's been on twice a day for four months...guess what?? 0_o
Still calling the vet tomorrow but I think all his symptoms, many of which I hadn't listed, may be from all this protracted time on this drug. The hard part will be weaning him off...but I think it's time.

Cross your fingers folks ... this would be a lot easier fix than cardiomyopathy! May just be why he's losing all his fur too!

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10/10/2012 9:50 PM
Had you seen this MM?

Has Mimzy's fur thinned on top if his ears also?
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Southwest Oregon
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10/10/2012 10:47 PM
Looking up the link now Jerz, thanks!
Yes his ear fur is kind of tufty as well as his face...he has little to no fur all down his flanks and what remains is coming out in handfuls.

How do I get him off reglan without him going into ileus?? He must be full of fur and he's not eating much hay. He seems tired and unsteady as well. Very little water going in like when he began with headtilt in June.
Back to tons of greens. >_<

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Southwest Oregon
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10/10/2012 10:53 PM
Okay just finished's definitely not just the cartilage...his ears are visibly pinker than now in photos taken last month. I'd post them but no way to resize from my phone.
Thanks anyway Jerz, that's a good thing to know about bunny ears.

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New Brunswick, Canada
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10/11/2012 1:43 AM
I'm so sorry to hear you have something new to worry you. Did you make a vet appointment? I'm really hoping the vet can get him figured out. I feel so bad for poor little Mimzy. He's had so many problems, I just want him to be all better. For his sake and yours. I'm sad to hear that he seems tired lately. Is he still able to hop around or is he too dizzy and wobbly most of the time?

I know you've mentioned before but I'm just curious what are all the meds he's on?

What makes you suspect Pip is having bladder trouble?

(((((Health Vibes for Mimzy and Pip))))))) ((((((Hugs for Momma Bun))))))
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Southwest Oregon
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10/11/2012 10:34 AM
Mimzy is still on twice a day of each of the following: 0.25 ml metacam and 1 ml metaclopromide (reglan). The reason he was put on the reglan was to keep his guts moving in the beginning because he hardly moved due to the tilt and when he did move he'd roll. I kept him in his night habitat at first but even padded he'd bash into the sides so I converted a storage tub into a 'hospital bed' and ditched the pen for fear it couldn't be cleaned well enough to prevent reinfection ...since we're presuming he has E.C.

He spends a few hours a night (I only get about four hours myself these days due to insomnia so I'm to bed late and up early) in the box bed still because up until recently I would see him still lose control of his balance from time to time. When I dropped the meclazine I was giving to him (oddly enough, for balance!) I saw vast improvement and big binkies and flops! He seemed so much better...then suddenly this new problem.

Currently I'm working out a space for him to be in his xpen full time now and possibly room for Pip to at least be next to him. But with this recent change I feared he would quite literally binky himself to death if he was having heart trouble.
Not likely though...he's been a whirling dervish all morning. Itching a lot too, I have to have my hand on his head at all times overnight because he'd try to crawl into bed with me. (He sleeps right next to me.) If I didn't have to worry about what Jenna would do or rolling over on him or him weeing the sheets I'd let him!
Waiting for a call back now. My secondary bun vet is off for the week (typical) so the third in line (who's pretty good) is on call. I still miss my numero uno gal though. Sadly she was the one who told me Mimzy could be on reglan long term.

Pip is having sludgy urine and was straining a bit in her litterbox the other day. The hay they're all eating can sometimes do this to her this time of year. The calcium content may go up in it as the year wanes I guess. Since she doesn't do well with extra greens for water content anymore (mushy cecals) I'd probably have to do sub q's and she is not a cooperative rabbit even for a groom.

Sorry if this doesn't make much sense...still typing from my phone.
Really...I just need a break. All this and low funds, my son's wisdom teeth and bad roads...I need some relief! >_<

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