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9/26/2012 8:13 AM

Hi guys, so I haven't really posted anything on here in a while but I do still look through the forums and all. Anyway, I have some questions about getting my rabbit spayed and was hoping you guys could help.

Anyway, first things first, the male bunny who lived with us over the summer has gone back to school so now my rabbit's the only one at home. Now, the male comes to us during winter break, spring break, and summer breaks. He's not neutered as far as I know, but if I get my female spayed, can they hang out? Or would there be problems? Also, about that, i'm kind of afraid that if I did let them out and hang out, and they bonded, when he goes back to the school would that make her (and him) depressed to not have each other? I don't want to mess with them and have them see each other for a month and then not see each other for months. 

Okay, moving on, if (hopefully when) I get her spayed, will she need to stay in a smaller cage for a while? She's currently in a 4 x 4 nic cage but normally just has free range of the basement. We have  smaller cages she can be kept in but i'm not sure if she'd need to?.

Also, I want to get her a bunny friend at some point but how long after she's spayed should I do that? There's a small animal rescue nearby that has rabbits for adoption a lot so i'd probably get a friend for her from there. 

More questions :X How much will it likely cost to have her spayed? What are basically the effects that'll happen once she's spayed? 

Sorry that I have so many questions, i've tried looking on google, but different sites just give different answers and i've been very confused 

Thanks in advance!!

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9/26/2012 8:30 AM
Well, you really should not put rabbits together that you do not intend to bond - they aren't like dogs in that way. So I would say, keep them separate from each other.

The 4x4 should be fine - it's only necessary for the first week to try to confine them.

Getting her another rabbit is entirely up to you and your situation and your finances - bonding can be very stressful on rabbits and on owners.

Costs vary greatly from place to place - best to call around and find out the cost in your particular area.

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9/26/2012 9:59 AM

Definitely try to get her spayed, it really is best for her health. It eliminates that 80-85% risk of uterine cancer at an early age. Usually when rabbits are spayed they are calmer and less aggressive. Of course every rabbit is different and it's all on a case by case basis. You should wait about a month after her spay before introducing her to any rabbit. If you do choose to adopt another rabbit to bond it is important to be prepared to keep the second rabbit long term separate, because there's always a chance that they won't be able to be bonded or that the bonding process could take a long time. Also, the second rabbit would have to spayed or neutered first (usually rabbits coming from a shelter already are) otherwise it won't be a true bond. It's really up to you and whether or not you have the time, space, and money.

Like Sarita, I would also advise not putting the uneutered male with your rabbit if you aren't meaning to bond.
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9/27/2012 2:54 AM
If you do decide to get her a friend, you'll want to wait several months after her spay before bringing another bunny home. This will give her hormones time to settle down.
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