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9/02/2012 8:46 PM

My rabbit has a problem where her back teeth keep growing as she's not using them.

It causes them to overgrow, spurs and abcesses in the roots.  This is a chronic problem which involves being put under, the teeth being taken out and antibiotics for abcesses every 2-3 months.  She starts to sneeze and drink copious amounts of water and that's how I know the teeth have gone bad again.

My rabbit is now 4 years, and a bigger bun, so she's not young.

The cost to do this is more than I can afford every 2-3 months now.  And I have other older rabbits who thankfully haven't needed the vet in years, but since they are more than double the age of this rabbit, I am sure vet bills will start popping up soon enough.  Yes, I know you shouldn't take a pet into your home unless you can provide for it for it's life.  I didn't forsee this issue and had never heard of it before. 

What would you advise?  Should I let her go?  She's my baby.  A really dopey raisin addict, but silly bun who I love. 

I don't even understand how a rabbit doesn't use it's molars to chew. 

Thank you! 

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9/02/2012 9:05 PM
I am so sorry - How frustrating. Some bunnies have a slight malocclusion which can cause the spurs regardless if they chew things properly. Who told you she doesn't use her molars? That does seem strange. Some bunnies can do with out the incisors, but not sure how they can eat without using their molars unless you mash up their food into a softer watery mix -- like critical care.

My bunny Rucy had several teeth taken out over the years and was on several different antibiotics. Finally the vet decided it was best to get a good culture after another tooth pull. From that, she was able to identify several different bacteria that seemed to be reinfecting and she was planning to get her on a regime of anti-biotics best suited for the bacteria that she found in the culture. Rucy unfortunately passed away due to an unrelated issue before we started her on the new antibiotics.

So far what antibiotics have been used?

There are other members who have also dealt with similar issues and may be able to help. One of our other forum leaders also had a bunny with ongoing teeth issues. I will notify her of this thread and see if she any further advice.

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9/02/2012 11:56 PM
I do not remember the name of the antibiotic. I throw the bottle away, because I don't think it can last till the next time. It's also not in English. When I get it again, I'll Google it.

Yes, I have wondered how she has been eating all this time. I try to watch how she eats, but I don't see any difference between her and the other rabbits, in regards to their eating.

The vet told she isn't using her back teeth. They were pretty bad the last time. Over 1 cm long and curled in on themselves with spurs. This is what keeps happening. I assume the bad teeth are what causes the abcesses.

I already have another rabbit with bad teeth, but they are his front teeth and I am able to take care of them myself. He can't have any more operations when it's time to clean up spurs, because he didn't wake properly for two days from the last time. And he is now almost 9 years old. But he is happy and eats fine and shows no signs of spurs, since he isn't sneezing, drinking lots of water or anything like my female.

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