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8/27/2012 10:44 AM
-sigh- Snicker has the snuffles. We noticed about three months ago that he was frequently sneezing, and now he has a runny nose with milky discharge. We called a vet who corfirmed that it was snuffles. He has been eating ok and such, but I've been really worried about him. Treatment is about $100, and I've already got half the amount. Has anyone ever had experience with this and knows the basic timeline for it and will it reoccur? Thanks

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8/27/2012 12:06 PM
I don't know anything about it but I just wanted to offer some ((vibes)) for Snicker . Hope he gets better soon.

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8/27/2012 12:39 PM
I'm glad you saw a vet and began a treatment. Did the vet give any other name for what's wrong? Snuffles is actually a generalization not a medical term or condition, but sometimes is used to refer to an illness to keep it simple. If you can mention what the medication is, I think several members here will have had similar experiences (probably Sarita, among others) and can share their thoughts with you.

Meanwhile, sending {{{{{{{{{{Healing vibes to Snickers}}}}}}}}}.
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8/28/2012 1:34 AM
I'm sorry your bunny is unwell. Did your vet do a culture? If it is something like Pasteurella, it can be maintaned but not cured and therefore, may recurr in the future. If your vet didn't do a culture, I recommend finding a vet who will. That way if there is bacteria present, the culture will tell you what kind and which antibiotic is best for treatment.

((((((Feel Better Snickers)))))
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9/02/2012 4:33 AM
Just to get this corrected; We talked to a vet over the phone, and she confirmed the symptoms to be a version of snuffles. She said the lab treatment, X-rays if needed and such on would cost $100. We have not yet taken him to a vet personally, as I am gathering a bit more money so we can take him. Thank you everyone for the good vibes, he isn't sneezing as much now. (: