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8/26/2012 6:37 AM
Has any microchipped their rabbits? My spirited Carmela has been trying to bust out lately and I'm worried one of these days she'll succeed and take off. I think she's missing her old playpen on the lawn, but the backyard is under contruction and we can't go out. Dies anyone walk their rabbit on a leash? It's pretty funny seeing her ramming into the screen door, but I'd hate for her to get out.

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8/26/2012 7:16 AM
Lola does the SAME thing with the screen. We've been able to open the doors again the past few days and she just lays up against the screen and sniffs...makes me sad because I know she just wants to explore the great outdoors. Rabbits can't really "walk" on a leash. It's more of a "you follow them as they hop". There are really mixed feelings about it on this forum because there are inherent dangers (predators, being afraid and hurting themselves, pesticides/fertilizers). But, with that being said, I do take Lola out from time-to-time and she does's not an everyday thing. It's really up to the owner to decide.

My bun isn't microchipped - and I kind of want her to be as well. I know any animal you adopt is usually microchipped. I'll be interested to see how many on the forum are chipped.

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8/26/2012 7:43 AM
We do have some members with rabbits that are microchipped. I know that in the area I live however, the shelters and humane organizations don't normally check rabbits for microchips....I would ask the shelters in your area if they do check rabbits to see if it is worth doing. I know in many parts of California they will check rabbits.

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8/26/2012 2:21 PM
They do check here, and it was given to me as an option during her spay.

I know it's not really walking the bun, and I know her "hubby" would hate it, but I actually think she'd be psyched to go out on a leash.

She's even gotten into the habit of running to the door when we have guests and she tries to sneak out with them when the door's open.

I think I'll look into microchipping, better to be overly careful.

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8/26/2012 5:34 PM
The humane society near where I live microchips rabbits automatically when they alter them, so Totoro has one. We also had our cats and dog microchipped when they were altered. I think microchipping has to be done with an animal under anesthesia? If that is the case then in my opinion it wouldn't be worth the stress/risk. But if my other rabbit Wilbur needs to have her teeth trimmed in 6 months then I think I will ask about having her microchipped, just in case.
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8/27/2012 6:45 AM
If you are looking into getting your bun microchipped I would see if they have a free microchip day or offer a coupon. Were I live they don't check for bun microchips or even do them. BUT I do know that come hurricane season or disaster time they will offer a day for free microchipping for dogs and cats. It wouldn't hurt to see if they do it where you live. =] But for bunnies. ;P