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7/28/2012 6:51 PM

Several months ago, I decided I wanted a mini lop, or a Holland lop bunny. I could not find any near where I live, so I adopted 2 mini rex rabbits, which I love. The other day, I was in a pet store, looking for a new sweater for our dog. They happen to have mini lop bunnies, or at least that is what the cage said. I brought one home with me, because I had wanted one for a long time.


I am now noticing some things about him. First of all, he sits close to the ground,  with head close to ground, but in photos of mini-lops, they seem to sit more upright. His nose is long, and face narrow, with eyed to sides of head. but isn't he supposed to have a round head, and flatter face?  His eyes always look very scared, and protruding, with some white showing. He is also showing some aggressiveness, is this normal? He is trying to bite. I am wondering if they were selling mixed breed bunnies? His ears do flop down, but everything else looks like a regular rabbit.


I do love him, and he is a great addition to our bunny family, but I still want a mini lop that actually looks like a mini lop. I have tried finding photos of bunnies that look like mine, and can't find any.

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7/28/2012 7:27 PM
a lot of times pet stores in particular will say a rabbit its mini lop or a Netherlands dwarf etc etc, what is mostly true but with a little extra Flavor added from different breads
my Dakota for example is a ND, but I'm pretty sure she has a tad of Rex in her blood somewhere

and as for the aggression, every rabbits different, i find when i go into pet stores it breaks my heart cuz damn kids are always disturbing the rabbits lifting there homes up, or poking them etc. that would be my guess were the aggression is from...just a guess tho..


id love to see some pictures of your guys tho!

head to the welcome forums and say hello and post some pics if you plan to stay around forawhile

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7/28/2012 8:29 PM
Holland lops are smaller than mini lops and mini lop faces are usually not quite as round as a holland lop. But without photos it is harder to know for sure.

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7/28/2012 9:22 PM

unless you're from australia where holland lop=mini lop and the american 'mini lop' is the larger 'dwarf lop'

 so a holland lop would be a mini lop in that case

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7/28/2012 9:32 PM
this pic is good to show the difference between a plush, mini and holland lop (america) or plush, dwarf and mini lop (australia), buns are in that order

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7/29/2012 3:58 AM
With two other rabbits in the house, some of the aggression may be him picking up their smells on you. Or it could be age-related. Do you know approximately how old the new mini lop is? If he's older than 4 months, that might be a signal that hormones are kicking in and he's ready to be neutered. And have your other two mini rexes been spay/neutered already?

My mini lop is probably a mixed breed. He was adopted from a recognized rescue, but before that, I don't what his history is. I would say that most pet stores aren't selling full breed rabbits, so the chances are high that your lop might be a mix. It doesn't really matter in the long run tho. You picked him and he is what he is... which is a rabbit who needs your love and attention. He's undoubtedly scared being in a new house with new people and animals, so give him a bit of time to become acclimated.

What were your expectations of a "mini lop"? My lop is a big ol' scaredy bun. He spooks at nothing, even after 4 years. My mini rex, on the other hand, is a total love bug who will do anything for attention. Breed generalizations and standards are *generally* not accurate. There will be so much variation depending on exact lineage, breeding practices, and early interaction. What matters is what you do from this point forward.

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7/29/2012 5:22 AM
I don't think there are any standards really for a mini lop other than the ears being lopped and really, it's not important. Don't be too picky about specific features. If you loved your rabbit when you picked him out at the pet shop, then don't worry about any "breed standards" because as far as I know, they don't truly exist.

Are you 2 rexes altered already?

I agree with Beka, your new rabbit is in a new place and needs time to adjust - it's scary for a rabbit being in a new place and he's just being cautious. Give him time and he'll hopefully relax.

User is Offline skunklionshow
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8/02/2012 3:02 AM
I ditto binky:
Mini's are smaller than Hollands, which based on the name seems that it s/b opposite.
My mini (Chewbacca) was about 8lbs and holland (Tobey) is only 3.
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8/02/2012 3:19 AM
Mini lops do have a longer thinner face and generally lay closer to the ground (rather than the upright "sitting" position of Holland lops). My mini lop girl always has a very serious expression with big eyes, slightly protruding, so that sounds normal. Minis are bigger than hollands, being around 5-7lbs while hollands are 2-4lbs.

The other thing is that pet stores typically get rabbits who aren't great examples of their breed (if they're even purebred), the way a rabbit bred for show would be. It doesn't mean they aren't fabulous pets, but they won't always look true to type for their breed. My boy is a very textbook holland lop and he came from a show breeder. My mini lop girl was purchased by her previous owner from a pet store and she's certainly not going to win any awards for best looking mini lop, but she's a wonderful girl and very cute.

Can you post a pic?
- Elrohwen

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8/05/2012 12:54 PM
Great picture, do you know which one is a UK mini lop?

User is Offline Elrohwen
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8/06/2012 4:25 AM
UK mini lop = US holland lop
UK dwarf lop = US mini lop
- Elrohwen

User is Offline Binky91
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8/06/2012 11:03 PM
Thanks Elrohwen!

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