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2/05/2012 8:03 AM

Apparently, Nova has to be with me at night, or she goes into her "super-nova destructive mode" and keeps everyone awake. My original plan when I came home was to just keep her in her large, home made cage at my parents house. Well now she can only sleep there if I am there, and I am hardly ever there (I would go back during the day to feed her, of course, but I spend my nights elsewhere). My problem is, what do I keep her packed in for 3-4 day weekends? I won't have too many of these, but at least another 2-3 and spring break for just this semester! I was thinking just a largeish crate because it needs to be easy to move as I go between 3 different houses when I am home. Leaving her at school isn't really an option, though it might be next school year, hence why I am only looking at short term for now. She is completely silent at night as long as she can see me and I never get woken up even though I am a light sleeper. I originally had her in a smaller crate for just the 3 hour trip between campus and home, and she doesn't seem to mind that, so I am thinking that a slightly bigger version of that will be perfect, but I am open to any other suggestions!

Just fyi: she always has hay and water in the crate, unless it is in the car, then she has wet greens in place of the water.

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7/02/2017 9:54 PM

So I have to travel for at least 3 hours on my breaks (4 times a year)... You should look into a travel cage... they are very small and for a good reason. If you get in a car accident, and there is a lot of room for your bunny to move, then the bunny will slide and slam into the side or other obstacles. With the travel cage, it has enough room to sit up, and to lay sideways/long but not to roam. This way if you are in an accident, the bun is not thrown but simply smushed to the side, which is much safer, and less likely to break bones. (there was a good video I watched..but I do not know how to find it now.). So if the cage you made at home cannot be brought to your school, then buying a cage for at your school and also a travel cage for the trips would be ideal (a big enough cage for the bun to stand on hind legs, lay long, move around, hold a toilet, food and water, and toys). With the smaller travel cage you should take some breaks to give your bun water (although mine wont take anything until it is out of the car) and run around. I have harness's, but before that we would stop for take out half way and let them roam inside the car until we started moving again. This way you dont have to bring the large cage on your trips.

When I go home my car is packed full of bun things (cages, food, hay, treats, etc.) and a small bag of my clothes, and I have them in the passenger seat in their carrier (buckled in, of course.. however it might actually be safer to put the carrier on the floor because of air bags, which is what happens when I have a passenger). It is quite the chore to load and unload the cage and get it set up in my parents place before being able to let them out there.. It would be so convenient to have a cage at both locations lol.

Good luck!
From my buns to yours!

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7/02/2017 9:58 PM
I believe I read online that they need a break every three hours of travel, but I like to cut that in half and give them a break every 1.5 hrs (whether they really want it, I will never know!).

From my buns to yours!

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7/02/2017 10:57 PM
Hi Meesh

This is a really old thread and Nova (the rabbit) passed away a number of years ago. We do ask that members do not respond to old thread as it bumps them up with current topics and can cause some confusion.

You give some good advice on traveling! I suggest copying and saving it somewhere for when this subject comes up in current threads.

I'll lock this thread now.
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