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9/10/2008 6:01 PM

*~**~*Click HERE to watch my tribute video!*~**~* =) Baby were by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. I miss you so, SO much. As I am typing this, I just inadvertently glanced over to your lounging spot by the air vent, somehow subconsciously just expecting you to be there -all sprawled out, nose twitching gently every few seconds in your relaxed state. Every now and then I'll hear a sound behind me -the fan blowing a piece of paper or something- and just automatically assume that it's you. But my heart breaks as I come back down to earth and accept're really gone.



For a whole 4 1/2 years, you were ALWAYS there for me; no matter what happened, I always knew that I had a sweet little Binkle-Bunny to come home to. My Baby..


An entire 4 1/2 years, but not NEARLY long enough. I love and miss you so much. More than you -or anyone else for that matter- could ever even begin to imagine.



You were taken from me so suddenly, you were so young. I just can't believe you're gone..



As I held you in my arms that last night, comforting you, I told you in my mind that it was alright for you to leave if you had to. But I didn't want you to leave...oh LORD, I didn't want you to leave..


As I set you back in your bunny home for the night, Grandbunny and I prayed the same -for you to be healed and comforted -for recovery. But I hesitated, and through sobs, I also told God that...if His will take you peacefully, and without fear.



And he did just that.


After placing a kiss on your nose, I lay down next to you as I did every night, told you I loved you, and turned out the lights.



3 hours later, you were gone..


I know you're in God's arms now, whole and pain-free again.



I miss you more than anything, Baby Binkles. You were my first bunny -THE bunny. always will be. My Heart Bunny. I can't wait to see you again and binky along by your side.



Oh, and just so you know, I will always tell everyone:


"So I was talkin' to my widdle Binkle-Buenny, and she TOLD me she was a buenny! She said, "Mommy? I a widdle buenny!" And I said, "I know widdle Binkles, you're my widdle Binkle-Buenny!" And den she said, "I mubv ew." And den I said, "Well I mubv ew too, Binkles!" And den SHE said, "Well, I mubv EW a whole, whole mot!" And den I said, "Well I mubv EW a whole, whole, WHOLE, whole mot!" And DEN guess what happened?? Den, den, she kissed me, and den I kissed her, and DEN, we snuggled!!!" one but you and I and Grandbunny needs to know what that means. 





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9/10/2008 7:14 PM

I'll admit that I'm a bit hormonal right now, but this made me cry! I need to go cuddle Frankie.

Rachel & Frankie

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9/11/2008 12:57 PM
well im not a bit hormonal right now and it made me cry!
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9/11/2008 1:29 PM

Noone else may know what that means, but I bet some of us have an inkling...

It's a lovely tribute.

SPIKE, my snuggle bunny (aka Spikey Marbles)

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9/12/2008 6:14 AM

that was a touching tribute! and lovely pictures. she was a beautiful bunny for sure.
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Jersey Shore
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9/13/2008 9:20 AM
oh this made me cry too! I'm so sorry for your loss. <33 that was beautiful

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9/13/2008 9:24 AM

Looks like we may create a tear puddle here. That was so very sweet, sad and beautiful all at the same time.

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9/21/2008 5:29 PM

Sniffle, Sniffle....


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10/01/2008 2:43 AM
lol i think we should put all our tears together we could create a new river

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10/05/2008 10:30 PM
"Little drops of rain,
Little rays of sun,
Make the lovely rainbow,
Shine for everyone.

Never let a minute,
Lie there on the shelf,
For there may be in it,
All of life itself."

Judy Garland in "Gay Purree" (it was an animated film about a bunch of cats living in France and she sang some beautiful numbers in it)

I am just coming to this now, having remembered Binky put it here for just such a purpose...and I am crying all over again. I hadn't seen the picture with her little furrowed brow. God love you, that is darling!

I bet she is still with you. Everywhere. All my love to little Binkles. (((hugs)))))

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10/10/2008 2:52 PM
I cry everytime I read a post about sweet Binkles... I know I'm just joining the crowd, but she's so lovely, and you obviously loved each other so very much...


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12/19/2008 4:28 AM
what a sweet girl she was *sniffles* ((hugs))

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Titusville, FL
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7/13/2009 2:24 PM
My God, it's been a year..

I can't believe it's been an entire year since I last held her. I can still feel her in my arms..
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7/13/2009 8:36 PM
((((((hugs Sarah)))))))))

This is one of those moments that no words can express properly, but I sympathize with you on this day. That you can still feel her with you is good though.
Remember to smile. Binkles would want that.

And Lil Bit would like a hug. Or a nose rub.

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Titusville, FL
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7/13/2009 9:00 PM
Hee, oh yes Little-Bit gets PLEEEENTY of muvin's. I constantly tell her how thankful I am for her. And Binkles too.
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7/29/2009 3:47 PM

Awww... I'm new here, so I didn't know you and Binkles before, but I just wanted to let you know that I am TRULY sorry for your loss. Especially your first bunny - I know how hard it is =( You, Binkles, and your other bun are in my prayers.

And along with everyone else, your heartfelt post made me cry.


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7/30/2009 11:47 AM
I know that must have been hard, i love my bunny and i hate to play favorites but if i would lose my dog cujo, i think i would be to devastated to even function, it saddens me that she is turning 11 soon, and im 17, i know she wil not live forever, the Grey hairs on her face, a knot on her jaw that she takes medication for, she cant jump from furniture anymore, they are all a constant reminder that she will not be here forever, i cant yet accept that, even if i try to ready myself.
I can't imagine not waking up and flinging the covers off to find my little cujo, one ear limp and that expression that says "Turn the lights back out!!
I cant believe that i will ever go to bed without digging a chewy out of my sheets.
But im just glad that i KNOW she has a few good years left.

I said that to say, i think i understand how hard it must have been and still is, You are in my prayers....

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8/01/2009 9:26 PM
Awe...Barbie and Joshua... that was very nice.

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9/09/2009 5:28 PM
I'm so sorry for your loss... I am new here too and can't say that I knew you well. But I just could not imagine not seeing Rowan's chubby, fluffy little lop face every late afternoon out on the porch watching the sun go down peacefully... I'm so, so sorry.

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9/12/2009 12:11 PM
Oh, I am so very sorry for your loss Your story about her made me cry too. Loss of a pet is never easy, no matter what size. I had to put my little hamster to sleep a few weeks ago and I was a complete wreck. Binki will be forevery in your heart and be waiting for you and will binky when she sees you again. *Hugs*
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