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10/18/2012 3:13 PM

This is P-Kitty.  AKA: Poor Kitty. Though, he had a good life, so he really wasn't a poor kitty after he came to live with us, so we just shortened it to P-Kitty since he answered to it.   7 years ago we named him that because when we moved here, he just would come by and hang out with us all day/all night. No one knew who he belonged to. Everyone just called him "kitty" and took turns making sure he was fed. So he knew his name as "Kitty".  Finally we found his owner, a neighbor  few houses away, who was rather neglectful. We had tried to get the owner to give him up, but he was stubborn. So in the meantime while we tried to persuade, we would give p-kitty a warm and dry place to stay on rainy and cold days and we gave as much love as we could. Before we ended up calling the ACC to check things out, the owner just moved away and left him behind.   We were so thankful and he officially became ours. He was such a great cat -- would come when called, would sit when you said sit, would lie down when you said lie down.  He was like a cat/dog.   He just wanted to be snuggled and loved.  He was smart and sweet and we will miss him terribly. 


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He's an older cat, vet estimated he might be 14 years old now and he has been slowing down quite a bit, but especially in the last few days and so we made an appointment to have a vet check up.  But this morning he didn't touch his food at all (and that's not like him as always has had a healthy appetite) and he was breathing heavier than normal, and his meow was weaker.  He looked uncomfortable. So we got him into the vet this afternoon and they found out right away through xrays that he was suffering with a lot of fluid around his lungs and it was at a serious level.    He was much more sick than we even imagined. Vet said it was most likely cancer or heart failure. Though how quickly he just stopped eating and weakening, I wonder if it was heart failure. Just didn't realize that TODAY was going to be his last day.

 And the vet said that though we could put him through an ultra sound to see if there is cancer that is causing this, he may not be able to survive all of stress of more tests. Just the ride the vet and the xrays, he was laboring and not doing well, and so we made the excruciating decision to put an end to his suffering. We stayed with him and loved him while they helped him pass peacefully. We never expected to go to the vets today and leave with an empty carrier.   We are still in such shock. My husband was hit very hard because this was his buddy.  This cat loved him, and would always look for him when he was gone, would cuddle with him, and just always wanted to be near him. P-Kitty is very sorely missed. 

                      We will miss P-Kitty's hugs     



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10/18/2012 3:54 PM
I'm so sorry for your loss BB. It's never easy saying goodbye. You gave him a wonderful life.
Prance free P-Kitty!
*Hugs* to you and your family.

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10/18/2012 4:09 PM
I'm sorry for you loss BB. *hugs*

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10/18/2012 4:42 PM
I am so sorry BB! This must be hard for you and your husband! "Hugs"! Rest In Peace P-Kitty. You were very lucky to have such a great family who loved you so much!

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10/18/2012 5:10 PM
Rest in peace, P-Kitty. You'll be missed!

*hugs for BB and Steve*

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10/18/2012 5:32 PM
I am so sorry to hear about your kitty, it is always a stab to the heart when we loose someone we love. My prayers for you and your family... rest in peace P-Kitty
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10/19/2012 12:25 AM
Hugs, so sorry P-Kitty is gone. He was so lucky that someone took him in and made his life better.

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10/19/2012 1:26 AM
I`m so very sorry to hear this sad news. He was very beautiful and so lucky to have you guys.

It`s so hard to make that decision on the spot. He is no longer in any pain and I`m sure he knew how loved he was. **Hugs**

(((((Enjoy the good life at the Bridge, P-Kitty))))))
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10/19/2012 6:44 AM
aw! i'm very sorry for your loss <3; *Hugs* ! R.I.P P-kitty

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10/19/2012 7:33 AM
Aww, at least he had a good life with you and a loving family. I'm sorry. RIP P-kitty! Mommy and Daddy miss you!

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10/19/2012 12:42 PM
Oh Jen...seeing this post title when I came in this afternoon ripped my heart from my chest. I am so very, very sorry to hear this news. :'(:'(:'(
Bless you for taking on this special boy. His story is not unlike our Hello Kitty...and also reminds me of my hubby's bridge cat, Dracula, who was, as he used to say, "The best dog he ever had."
You and Steve will be in my thoughts and prayers. Huge hugs for you both and I'll go light a candle for dear P-Kitty.

Bound free, P-Kitty...thank you for sharing your earthly life with my good friends. Enjoy Paradise.

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10/19/2012 2:02 PM
{{{{{Hugs Jen & Steve}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

P-Kitty picked you because he knew he'd found the very best home there was to have.
I wish I could say something to help fill that awful void you're feeling today.

Binky free over the Bridge, P-Kitty. Your dear old friends are waiting for you there.
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10/19/2012 3:42 PM
O I'm so sorry BB. We have a cat that has a similar story named casey. You did a very good deed giving him such a loving home and I'm sure he knew.

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10/24/2012 7:54 PM
RIP P-Kitty. I'm sorry for your loss Jen & Steve.
I've heard you talk of him many times but never realized how he came to live with you.
He sounds like a beautiful little soul, very giving. It was only fitting he chose equally giving humans to live with.
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