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2/25/2012 6:03 AM

I haven't been on the Forum for quite a while--life got in the way.    Mike and I were gone for five days and we boarded Bean with his bunny vet as we've always done when we're away.  He was fine the morning we left, but when we returned we were informed that he'd suffered a fatal stasis attack the morning of our return date.  Bean ruled the house with an iron paw--a bit difficult when you only weigh 2 kilos, but he managed it quite well.  He had had several minor run-ins with stasis before and I'm sure the vet tried everything, but this time....this time he didn't come through it.  


It's been about a week and a half since the loss.  I couldn't look at the Forum or any bunny-related pages without crying; I'm crying again now.  He was too, too young to be gone this soon.  Mike and I both miss having a rabbit around.  Rather, we miss having *Bean* around, but I know he's not coming back.  Maybe it's too soon, but we're planning a trip to the Humane Society to see if any of the rescued buns there might like to come home.  So....we'll head there with an open mind and hope to find a bun with that certain devil-may-care look in his eye and hope for the best. 

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2/25/2012 6:19 AM
I'm so sorry. I am positive that the vet did everything within their power to help him, especially knowing that he's had issues with stasis in the past. It doesn't make it any easier I know, but he was a very loved little guy.

Binky free Bean!
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2/25/2012 6:51 AM

 Thank you, Beka.  He was a beloved little guy with a huge attitude.



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2/25/2012 7:02 AM
Hugs, I'm so sorry. It's hard losing our furbabies.

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2/25/2012 9:33 AM
I am so sorry What a handsome bunny. Binky free Bean!
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2/25/2012 11:32 AM
Bean was an adorable bun! (((Healing vibes)))) and Binky free, sweet Bean!

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2/26/2012 2:00 PM
I am soo sorry! (((((VIBES)))))
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2/27/2012 5:44 PM
He was quite a handsome bunny. Sending healing vibes to you. I'm sorry for your loss.

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2/28/2012 2:22 AM
I'm sorry about the loss of your beautiful bunny. May you have everlasting, wonderful memories of your time together.

((((Binky Free Bean))))
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