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Hampton Roads
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7/27/2011 2:09 AM

 I came home from Warped Tour last night to find HJ still at my house (I'd asked him to stop by to give Link his meds, since I'd be home late). 

He'd found Link passed away in his pen. 

Link was having serious issues with balance, but he was making huge strides of improvement, so I'm absolutely mortified. One day he was active and trying to get around, and the next, he's on the other side of the bridge. There was no lack of eating, no sign that it would be so soon. 


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Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
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7/27/2011 2:26 AM
I'm so sorry. Hugs...

(((Binky free Link!)))
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New Brunswick, Canada
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7/27/2011 2:35 AM
Oh, I'm so very sorry to hear you lost Link. You did so much for him, he was lucky to have you. ***Hugs***

(((((Binky Free Link)))))
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7/27/2011 4:36 AM
Hugs to you. I'm so sorry. It's hard when you think they are improving and then they just leave us.

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West, Texas
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7/27/2011 4:59 AM

oh no, Liz, I'm so sorry Link has crossed over, I know it's such a shock when they go suddenly. He had a great bunny mommy who did everything possible for him and knew he was loved.

(((((hugs)))) to you and I'll light a candle for him

Binky free, Link

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South Florida
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7/27/2011 7:13 AM
Liz, I'm so sorry to hear about Link.
He lived with your kindness and love, and you did your best for him. It was good of HJ to be there to let you know gently.
{{{{{{{{{{{Binky free, little Link}}}}}}}}}}}}
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Rabbit Warren
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7/27/2011 7:48 AM
I'm so sorry Lis *sending vibes*

User is Offline lashkay
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7/27/2011 9:13 AM
I'm so sorry you lost Link. Healing vibes to you. You know you were the best bunny mommy for him and he loved you back.

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Hillsboro, Oregon
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7/27/2011 11:02 AM
I am so sorry

Binky Free Link!

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7/27/2011 1:30 PM

So sorry to hear this Vibes to you in this difficult time

Binky free Link!

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Southwest Oregon
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7/27/2011 3:56 PM
I am so very sorry to hear of Link's passing. I have been reading your threads about his difficulties and was hoping he would completely recover soon.
Binky free, Link. And big hugs for you, Lis. (((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))

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7/27/2011 4:40 PM
Oh Lis, I am so saddened to be reading you've lost your big guy! I'm so sorry. You and HJ and are in my thoughts. Please give little Navi cuddles from me (if she'll allow it).
***Binky Free Link***
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7/28/2011 8:24 AM
I'm so sorry for your loss, Lis.
~Binky free, Link.~

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Hudson Valley, NY
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7/28/2011 8:39 AM
I'm so so sorry to hear about Link :-( Binky free, little bun.
- Elrohwen

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7/29/2011 10:11 AM
I'm so sorry to here you lost Link. My thoughts are with you. (HUGS)

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7/29/2011 4:16 PM
(HUGS) Binky free Link

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San Diego, Calif.
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8/01/2011 10:23 AM
Aw, man. I was hoping this post wouldn't be coming.

Binky free, Link!

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Bay Area, California
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8/02/2011 5:18 PM
I am so sorry Lis

Binky Free Link

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8/09/2011 3:57 PM
I know what it is like to lose a bunny suddenly and I am so sorry for your loss.
Big hugs coming your way from me!

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8/19/2011 4:42 PM
Sorry for your loss! I had a goldfish who couldn't swim (The person at the pet store handled him improperly and injured him) On the third day he actually started swimming a little and making an effort for food, the next day he died. It's hard to see a pet go after they look like they're going to make it.
((Binky Free Link))
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