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Last Post by BunnymomKS at 1/24/2011 8:53 AM (7 Replies)
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1/21/2011 7:39 PM

My sweet 8-1/2 year old Clover who has been battling a stasis took a turn for the worse today. Had had Critical Care but wasn't pooping. I went out to get some food and hay to try to tempt her thinking if she just ate some more she'd poop again, as she has during the phases of this, which had given me hope. When I got home she was a lot worse.She passed in my arms at 7:30 p.m. She was having weakness and spazzy or seizure episodes in the last hour or two. She couldn't keep her balance and was apparently in pain because she tried to bite. Then I held her and she gradually went into a coma, her breathing getting shallower, and then after awhile had a final spasm and that was it.

I called her my sugar and spice because she was sweet with a generous "spicy" helping of orneriness to make her interesting and always keeping me hopping. Binky free, sweet Clovie. Mommy and brother bunny Shamrock love you and miss you.

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1/21/2011 8:42 PM
I'm sorry to hear BunnymomKS. I had read in other threads that she was poorly. Had you had her the entire 8 1/2 years?
I'm sure she took much comfort from your care in the past days and is now free of her pain. Binky Free Clover!
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1/22/2011 12:49 AM
Binky Free little clover, you lived a long, well loved life. Watch over your mommy from the other side of the Bridge.


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1/22/2011 4:32 AM

I'm sorry to hear about Clover, I also remember reading that she was having some problems and was amazed she was till so spry at 8+ years. You made her passing as comfortable as possible and I think she knows what a wonderful bunny mom she has.

I lit a candle for Clover

Binky free Clover! Kathy and the furballs

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1/22/2011 2:43 PM
Hugs to you. So sorry about little Clover. She was lucky to have a wonderful mom like you.

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1/22/2011 5:24 PM
I'm so sorry. Take heart that she's watching over you from the sweet pastures she's romping in with the other passed bunnies. HUGS

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1/23/2011 9:58 AM
So sorry to hear about the loss of your bunny. Please take comfort in the fact that she lived a long life that so many rabbits do not get to experience and she was loved until the end. She will never really be gone...

((((Binky Free Clover)))))))
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1/24/2011 8:53 AM

God bless everyone for the compassionate replies. We buried sweet Clovie on Saturday and I read some prayers from a book I have called "Gods Creatures Great and Small." And of course, I wept. But I know my dear special little girl will always live on in my heart. Shamrock seems to be taking the loss of his "sissie" okay - he's kind of a mellow guy so it's hard to tell exactly what he's thinking. But I spend extra time with him to make sure he doesn't feel lonely.

If all goes well, he should be getting another companion soon. I'm just not the type that can have just one bunny - I have to have two, it just feels right. For one thing, I just never want to be bunnyless. You can imagine I'm keeping a close eye on Shammie and he is absolutely forbidden to get sick!  Well, he always is, anyway but he gets constant reminders of that right now. I'm being a "helicopter mom."

Plus we have a rescue club in my town that I got involved with a couple years ago, and now the founder is going to have to retire from it in a few months. I and some of my fellow members hope someone will be able to keep it going, but that's uncertain. So if I give a home to one of the bunnies that will help. It's a win-win.

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