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11/26/2010 12:07 PM

Well it finally happened.  I dreamed about Eddie.  It was a really weird dream as they usually are for me.  I was in my apartment but it wasn't my real appartment.  There was all kinds of weird stuff on tv.  And I was lying on the floor.  Eddie was hopping around me and giving me kisses like he always did when I was on the floor.  I grabbed him and we snuggled and fell asleep together. 

I woke and expected to be cuddling him.  Logically I knew he wasn't with me, but I checked anyways.  At first I thought I was going to be ok since it was a REALLY strange and bizarre dream anyways.  But now I'm sad and missing him something awful.  Sigh.  I just needed to vent this somewhere. 


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11/26/2010 1:59 PM
Aww...I understand. It's hard to dream about them. I had a similar experience after my cat, Ash, died. He was in my dream, purring and rubbing against me. I believe strongly in life after death for all of us and I feel this was Ash's way to tell me he was okay and not to be sad. The fact that Eddie was kissing you made me smile because I bet he's letting you know he's okay. That's a good thing!
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11/26/2010 2:49 PM
Thank you so much for that perspective. The holidays are always hard on me to begin with. I was remembering yesterday my first Thanksgiving with Eddie. i was gone for like 9 hours for the first time since I had gotten him that September. He was NOT happy. When I got home, I didn't immediately let him out of his pen. God forbid I get in the door and make a 2 minute phone call first. He started shaking it all and I thought he was going to tear the thing down. The pen was attached to his cage top and even that was shaking. LOL So he's been on my mind a lot lately.

I suffer from depression and the holidays make me depressed like they do for so many people. Plus I'm stressing cause of my surgery and money problems. So basically I am a big mess right now and whenever I get like this, I start missing him a lot. But I like what you said about him coming and giving me kisses to let me know he's ok.

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11/26/2010 3:01 PM

So bittersweet.  I think it was like a visit too. Kinda special that this was on Thanksgiving. He's ok, maybe he wanted to see you're ok. If it helps you, keep talking about Eddie in BB. I enjoy hearing about him - such a rascal but sweet ! A dangerous combination!

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11/28/2010 10:22 AM
Oh he was a rascal. Sometimes when he got in trouble, he'd hop over and give me kisses on my toes to get out of it. LOL He was definitely a little personable bunny. I wasn't going to get another lop but I think now I am. I see the lops on here and I miss having one so much. I loved playing with his ears. And I think they are so expressive. Eddie was expressive at least. I was always getting the grumpy look or the stink face. LOL

I will always have memory triggers that will make me sad about losing him. If that makes sense. Like my dog was 15 years old when we had to put her down and I still get a bit sad when I go out to my dad's because she was always there somewhere, passed out in the yard. So I have a moment where I expect to see her.

But it's all getting better. Just dreaming about my pets tends to upset me.

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11/28/2010 10:34 AM
I definitely understand. I dream about Hugo all the time. I've even called the new buns Hugo when they got in trouble! I took out a towel that I had him wrapped up in the last weekend I had him to use and my husband found me on the couch hugging a towel. He asked if I was ok and I said "Yes, I just need you to get me a different towel". I laugh about it now but I did have a bit of a meltdown. lol There are a lot of thing I say Oh, Hugo would've loved that or just random memories of him.
I only had him such a short time. I can only imagine how much you miss Eddie. Memories are good though. We wouldn't want to forget! =)

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11/28/2010 5:34 PM
Oh no, I'll never forget. He was up to no good all the time to forget about him. LOL

I used to yell at them about doing something cause I'd hear these noises. The noises would stop but then start up again. So I'd start to get up only to find them both in the living room. What I was hearing was the neighbor in her kitchen and the buns would be like "we're not doing anything. quit yelling at us." But that's what it was like - they were always doing something. lol They weren't horrible or anything. Just normal bunnies with too much curiosity. LOL

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11/29/2010 1:21 AM

I know how you feel, I had 2 blue point siamese cats and lost one to kidney failure, and just the other day Frodo was on the table and I yelled at him to get off but I called him Socrates! (the cat that passed). It was weird. I just stood there after and thought to myself wow I still miss him even though it's been 3 years now he's been gone. And then left Frodo to stomping around on the dinner table. lol.

I just know someday you will get another loppy, but I really do too enjoy hearing about Eddie.