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User is Offline Kyoshi
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8/19/2010 8:58 AM

Im feeling pretty depressed right now.

I was at the market and as usual, a bunny stand was up. I wish I hadnt seen it. The sales lady had no idea what she was doing, they were all uncaged on a table top, and as babies, they were probably terrified. The Lady was calling out things like "Cmon! We got 15 more! Buy some!" and "Cmon I gotta get rid of these things!" She was pushy too, and she gave no info on buns to buyers, nothing on proper caging, neutering/spaying, adolescents, and she wrote things in the bunnies ears. I feel really upset. I know this might be in the wrong grouping, but I really DO need support at this point. I know at least 5 of those buns are gonna end up in a shelter, and at least 2 will die. I feel upset.

WHY do so many people think of buns as $$$??!!!

User is Offline Karla
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8/19/2010 9:04 AM
I'm sorry you had to see this. I always try to avoid websites like that or petstores that sell bunnies, because they get to me and I keep thinking about it.

Perhaps you could ask her if you can give her some pamphlets she could hand out when she sells a bunny? Well, most likely she will say no, but I think the only way to help these bunnies is to spread the message about the way we keep bunnies here.

Lots and lots of times, I have thought of making a small pamphlet and put it inside all the cages that are for sale at my local petstore. So, people can read it once they get home.

I don't know what comforting thing to tell you, because really there is nothing to say. So many people are not very nice to animal, and we may not be able to help that specific animal, but we can help others by spreading the word.

User is Offline Sarita
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8/19/2010 9:05 AM
What kind of market were you at?

User is Offline Petzy
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8/19/2010 9:08 AM
The world pretty much revolves around money, and if you want to help animals you must have strength to learn about those circumstances like you saw today. You cannot save them all. But by learning about them and respecting them as their own species and paying attention to their needs like you do you are improving the lives of rabbits already. You will meet people and be able to teach them... even though it may seem like one drop of water on a hot stone. You have to know that the small acts are what make up the big ones. Don't feel depressed by what you saw: feel encouraged that there is a strong need for people like yourself to care!
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User is Offline Kyoshi
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8/19/2010 12:35 PM
Karla : I know, but, it hurts
Sarita: It was a market you could like set up a stand and sell whatever

User is Offline Andi
B.C. Canada
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8/19/2010 1:55 PM
Most likely she was selling them as food, and not pets, so she wouldn't care much for their well being. That's how some people/places operate.
Buying a bunny from her to 'save' it would just encourage her to breed more and sell more.

So it takes people who care to educate others, in hopes that the message will get passed along about what wonderful pet's rabbits can be, what respect and care they deserve.
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8/19/2010 2:07 PM
You are talking about a flea market and that's what you are going to find there. They aren't going to treat ANY animals well there. That's how these places operate.

You won't be able to educate the people who go there to purchase a rabbit or any other animal. Sorry to say, but they won't be receptive to you. You would have people who are more receptive to rabbits as pets at a pet store than at a flea market.

Taking on a flea market selling animals would require different getting the flea market to not allow this to happen - that's where this starts. Or contacting your local animal shelter and asking them what are the laws for this in the area this is happening. But it won't start start with you talking to this person who sells these rabbits. That's just how it is.

User is Offline Kyoshi
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8/19/2010 3:23 PM
I Hate that idea, as they were adorable baby rabbits, and they could have made wonderful pets.

User is Offline Beka27
Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
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8/20/2010 3:18 AM
First off, I have to commend you Kyoshi for NOT GIVING IN and buying a bunny from this person. Like Andi said, buying from her would only encourage the careless breeding of more baby bunnies, and as we say around here, YOU CAN'T SAVE THEM ALL.

We get threads like this sometimes, and they usually end up with the member in question buying one bunny to "save him/her" from a horrible fate, but as you mentioned, she had 15 for sale. And I can guarantee you, if not next week, certainly by next month, she would have another 15 ready to go. So where does the cycle stop? I have no doubt that those bunnies will make wonderful pets if given the opportunity, but remember that there is a very lucky rescue bun just waiting for you to come and give him/her a forever home.
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8/20/2010 11:35 PM
Some cities/states do not legally allow animals to be sold at flea markets. and some can but they must have the proper permit. I know locally around her, it is watched closely. You could find out what the flea market actually permits and what your city/state guidelines are about animals being sold at flea markets. Check with your local animal care and control (which is normally part of the police department)

User is Offline Kyoshi
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8/21/2010 6:17 AM
Went again. The buns are sick, covered in feces, and she has a runt there shes selling for only 5 bucks. I crushed a soda can, thats how angry I was. I cant take this.

User is Offline MayaConsuelo
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8/21/2010 12:01 PM
So sorry you are feeling bad about this. As a longtime animal rights advocate I know it is really painful, certain people can empathize with animals and feel their pain and suffering while others seem not to notice at all. I hate to say that I go out of my way to avoid situations that I will find disturbing, I never watch videos put out by animal rights groups (I don't need to, they'll just give me nightmares), don't go to shelters unless they're no-kill, etc. You can make a difference however, I would say:
1. Check with the local laws as some other people mentioned, put in official complaints to the people who run the market, see if you can find out where this woman's business is located and send her complaints as well.
2. Join either an animal rights group or local shelter, volunteer to either educate the public or help take care of unwanted animals in the shelters.
3. Join protest groups, you could even protest this woman's stand, but you have to be prepared that many people will see you as the crazy one and not her.
4. Of course take good care of your bunnies and other animals, and set a good example for your friends to look up to, as someone who is truly compassionate.

That's all I've got! People like us can either make a tiny mark by helping the animals we can, or waste a ton of time wallowing in complete misery. It's depressing, use your outrage to make a difference

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