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7/17/2008 7:05 AM

Oaky so I have a thread in Bonding called Bonding Two Females - contiunes and I wanted to ask about this.

Gracie #2 has softened toward Baby #1 or so we thought. She had licked Baby's face and then literally 3 minutes later when Baby hopped in the large hay box, Gracie nipped her and pulled out more fur than ever before!

It seems that Gracie #2 in recent nips or nip attempts has been over, a pc of carrot, a poop dish, and now the hay box. She seems possesive and I'm wondering if she can be broke of this?  Any ideas?  Baby might be balded before we settle this.

Also Gracie #2 contiunes to poop and peep around the cage area every time she is let out even tho I am switching their cages, and poop dishes (with poop and paper chucks with urine on them) once day.


Thanks for you replies.  I'll post on my other thread in a day or two. Tonight is bonding session /day #14.

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7/17/2008 9:26 AM

this is not uncommon. things might seem to be better and then something happens... what you might try doing, what i did and seemed to help, is putting Baby in the hay box, and then lifting in Gracie, facing the same direction, petting both on the head at the same time. this can simulate grooming from each other.  if one jumps out, lift them back in and put them together again.  it's called forced cuddling.

if they are very food motivated, you can try a large pile of greens too.

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7/23/2008 4:36 PM
If the fighting gets too bad though, you might want to give them a break. Have you tried a stunt double? It might help to ease some of the tension between them.

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7/25/2008 11:04 AM
It is definitely not unusual for buns to get particularly upset when another bun hops in the litterbox with them. I think that Beka's idea of putting them in the litterbox together is a good idea. Also, as they start to get more comfortable with each other, it will be easier for them to share places like the litterbox. When Baby hopped in the box did she hop in front, or behind Gracie? When still in the bonding process, bunnies can be very sensitive about the other one approaching their behind area, afraid that the bunny will mount them or nip them.

THe litter training probably won't be as easy while they are still bonding, because they may still be "marking" their territory due to the scent of the other bunny being all over the place. There is a chance that won't stop until the bonding is finalized because it is pretty normal for unbonded rabbits to have "poop" and pee wars.

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7/25/2008 11:56 AM
Sounds like Gracie is being posessive about things. You want her to get the idea that baby is a good thing to have around. I'd suggest some more car/dryer rides to let her get the feeling that Baby is a comfort to have.

As an FYI, lately my Maryann has been nipping Dono a bit more than usual. I've been finding a patch of his fur about once every other day. But I also catch her grooming him and him grooming her as well as snuggles. I'm not sure what's been bringing it on but I've decided to start up with some car rides again myself.

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7/25/2008 11:28 PM
If you find the force cuddling does not help or makes it worse, then I recommend getting another litterbox. Some rabbits get very possessive over certain things during bonding (especially the litterbox) but will lighten up later about once they are bonded.

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