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Asheville, NC
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7/08/2008 1:14 PM

Hi all, I'm a newbie here.  I just got a 9-week old Holland Lop, and I was thinking about getting her a companion.  I've heard it's easier to bond rabbits when they are young. But I also know that it is better to spay/neuter them first and wait a couple of weeks before introducing them. So, I was wondering if it would be better to get her a companion now, and get them both altered later, or, if I should wait, get her spayed, and then find an altered companion for her?  I'm thinking I should wait, but I thought I'd get some other opinions. Thanks in advance for any help.

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7/08/2008 2:33 PM
I think you're on the right track. Wait and bond with her yourself, and get her spayed (that way there is also NO chance of baby bunnies-rabbit's are easily mis-sexed) and then do some 'bunny dating' and find her a companion

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7/08/2008 2:47 PM
I agree with Kokanee - I think you have the right idea. Even if you wait a few weeks to get her spayed AND then also wait a week for her to heal, she will still be a young bunny, and will probably still be relatively easy to bond (generally speaking, you never know for sure with bonding!) If you wait, you also have some time to get to know your bunny, and get to know her personality. You'll also have time to read about bonding and time to peruse the local rescues for the ideal bachelors for her!

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7/08/2008 2:54 PM
definitely wait! if this is your first bunny (and you're like me!) you probably have a lot to learn! rabbits are not as simple as people think they are. so stick around here and absorb as much as you can. get to know your new bunny, get her spayed when she's old enough and then a month post-spay, start the process to get her a companion. that's what i did with my first bunny. she was a single bun for ten months, and just last month we got her an already neutered friend and things have been great!
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7/09/2008 1:18 AM

Thanks for all of the advice. I'm definitely gonna hold off for a while, and she seems to be pretty happy by herself at the moment.  She's not my first rabbit, but it's been a while since I've had them.  I used to have a pair of mini lop bucks as a kid but I bought them together so I didn't have to worry about bonding, or baby buns!


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