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7/07/2008 10:14 AM

the 3 were together for over 30 minutes. Cotton did a lot of chasing Nora and humping her. Then I saw her try the same on cotton. As they got tired they rested a bit. So finally I put them in their rooms.

I am having trouble with their NIC cube cage. I am reluctant to put it in the living room cuz it gets the floor sooo messy. Stuff gets dragged out of the cage on their hair or however it comes out. But hay is all over the place in there. I really want to get a big cage with a solid bottom that has high sides that will keep their mess down.  I have the $ to get it but I don't want hubby mad at me either. I may wait to get it next month.

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7/08/2008 5:49 AM
what kind of cage? most of the cages available commercially are not large enough, the ones that are big enough, are over 100 bucks each and only large enough for one rabbit. can you get a scrap of linoleum to put under the nic condo?
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7/08/2008 3:51 PM
Is it a lot of hay that is coming out? I think if you tried to shop-vac the cage fairly routinely there probably wouldn't be very much for them to drag out. If it is hay, do you put their hay in their litterbox or in a hay rack? If its in the litterbox now, consider a hay rack which keeps the hay off the ground so there is less for them to drag around!

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