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7/07/2008 6:27 AM

Gee this is great. Last nite I was feeding the girls and Ruby got out. I put Nora in the cage and put 1 clamp to hold the door shut. Then I went to find Ruby. She made her way to Cotton. She slipped right thru the bars on the baby gate like it was nothing. And straight to Cotton. They ran around a bit. Cotton didn't chase her too much. And they looked happy. So I went to get Nora. She had let herself out too. Under the bed I look and there she is. So I get the vac noozles to shooo her out. And out she came. I get her and take her to the living room with the other 2.

Cotton chases Nora more than Ruby. He humps Nora too. Nora runs and tries to hide. Then she comes by me to hide and I pet her. AFter a while here comes Cotton. Chasing her some more. Ruby doesn't run from Cotton as much so I think that is why he chases Nora more. There was no serious fighting or hair pulling either. Just a few little nips and bumps and nudges on occassion.

After a bit I put them back in their places and give them each a treat.  I went to check on them and they were all tuckered out all 3 of them. And Cotton was on his fav lounging spot.

I think this is going great cause none of the buns left a poop marking territory and Cotton didn't emit that skunky smell.

So again today I will bring them together again for a bit. I think this time I will leave them together til they get tuckered out and rest. Maybe thats why cotton has not been himself on occassion. He wants the company. 

When I let him out this morning he was chewing on the baby gate again. He wants to be with them it seems. Then he went to chew on his box. He hasn't been himself for a while off n on. Was gas and maybe he wanted the company.

Well lets see how it goes today. At least they are getting good exercise.

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7/07/2008 7:05 AM
Sounds like it is progressing. You'll probably keep on getting chasing for a while. Bonding three at once is difficult at times.
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7/07/2008 7:32 AM
Sounds very promising. Are the 2 girls already bonded?

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7/07/2008 7:45 AM
this sounds good. are their cages in the same room? if not, you might want to move them together so they can continue to interact, but safely thru the cages.
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