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6/25/2008 7:29 AM

HI all...haven't been posting much lkately due to the sickies around here...(human kids, not the bun!)...but here goes...


Brownie is lonely! So, we are preparing for a little bunny girl to join our lives...her name is Lilly. She is currently at a friends...her husband let her son buy a pretty Rex girl at an FFA auction, and 2 days later, she had babies! Miley (the Mom) will be staying (I helped her build a NIC condo) but the babies need homes. I am hoping to bond her with Brownie, but of course will be prepared to keep a separate set up if need be. She is only 9 weeks old, and we will be getting her in a couple of weeks. Brownie will be a year old the end of August. She is the size of her mother now...she is a mix, Rex and not-sure-what-else, white with blackish grey and a bit of tan, and has beautiful long black eyelashes. When she was a baby before her fur came in, the had dark around her eyes and a black streak down her back. I am dying to know what she is mixed with! She will be spayed as soon as the vet says she is old enough...Brownie is neutered (3 months ago).

I realize it isn't the ideal situation, but she needs a home, and she is a calm, laid back, lovable bun (so far). Her brother is the feisty one, LOL! I would *like* to try and begin the bonding process before her spay, again, not ideal, I know? I know I will plan on taking Brownie along to the vet with her for her surgery, and they said they could be kept in adjoining cages during the stay, and I figured they could be kept side by side at home until she recovers.

I am looking to get an xpen type of enclosure for her until they can be together, and was looking into Drs. Foster and Smith. Think it would work? Not as a permanent home, but for now? The open top is not a problem,as the cats are great with the bun...

Otherwise, where is a good souce for an Xpen? Like the gold colored ones?

Also, any advice would be *really* appreciated. Brownie is a laid back bun too, and keeps trying with all his heart to bond with one of our cats, but the cat thinks he is nuts, lol!



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6/25/2008 7:38 AM
i would skip the Dr Foster one. for that same price you can get a fullsize dog xpen at a local pet supply store. most every petstore carries them. and you'd be able to use it as a permanent home b/c it's large enough. they are 4 x 4 feet if set-up square... that one is only 3 x 3 feet. i have two of the gold midwest xpens. make sure it is a "walk-thru" one, that means it has a door that opens completely so you can walk in to clean or do whatever you have to do.

mine are from PetSmart. but like i said, you can get them anywhere. call first to make sure your local store has them in stock.
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6/25/2008 7:41 AM
Actually this is for everyone, but you should check and see if anyone's selling used ones, I've seen lots of x-pen type set ups on there for CHEAP!!