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6/20/2008 6:34 PM

hey cotton groomed Ruby a little bit. wow. I petted them both at the same time too. was ok with it. after cotton went back to his living room and I petted him for a while I went to hold puff while I was holding her she grunted and dug at me or honked I couldn't tell. I think she is nervous around cotton and thought he was there well the girls get along great together. I almost want to keep them in 1 cage but Puff pees on the rug and I dont' want to make that behevior worse  and once they get older they may fight when I am not home and 1 gets hurt. tho they are 3 mos and get along just great right now. they lie together chew together eat together drink together. and Ruby wants to be held today too. OH i sat there and just let them explore me while I read for an hour almost and ruby /puff explored and checked me out. Ruby is happy for me to pet her now she doesn't run ahaha. PUff is ok too. I luv them all

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6/27/2008 4:15 PM
That is so neat! You've shown a lot of patience with them.

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7/01/2008 6:09 AM
Cotton might make her nervous since it's so obvious he is "top bun"! that's great the girls get along. when are you having them spayed? you still have 2-3 months before they're old enough, but i would try and do it sooner rather than later and they may not even need to be separated. they are all such beautiful bunnies. you are so lucky to have them. and i agree, you're doing a wonderful job with them!
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