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There is a recommended technique for bonding. This includes spaying and neutering and an introduction process that can take time, (see links below). The recommendations help promote successful bonding and prevent fighting which can lead to injury.  With that being said, there can also be alternative situations that have led to success. We have had members who have had bonded bunnies, even if one was not neutered/spayed. Sometimes bonding can happen very quickly without following every step, while other times, bonding takes longer than ever expected, needing additional ideas. There is not one formula that works for every bond, and there are multiple ways that a pair could be bonded successfully.  An important part of bonding is learning to read rabbits' behavior, so it is clear when to take the next step. This is where the forum comes in, as our members have the benefit of a wealth of experience, and can help first-time bonders understand their buns’ behaviors, so they can advise how to safely proceed.  We do not encourage rushing things or skipping important steps, but it is important to understand that each situation is different and bonding advice doesn’t have to be extremely rigid.  We can learn and adapt the advice as we listen to each other’s situations. 

This topic can get heated at times due to the desire to prevent injury.  If a member is not following the advice given, do not start or engage in a battle of right-fighting and/or shaming.  Please click the alert button if forum etiquette rules are being broken.

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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > BONDING > Bonding Advice and Etiquette (NEW! Please read)