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10/27/2012 8:11 AM

I want to bond my two male bunnies. Hoppy and Lucky are two males hoppy is a Netherland dwarf age 2 and lucky is a dwarf hot tot age 8 or 9 months old with the black eyeliner he is so cute. Hoppy has been neutered for over a year now and lucky has only been neutered 3 weeks. When we lived at our old house there was no way for hoppy to know lucky was in the house (except if lucky would escape the room which then hoppy would attack him and pull out a ton of fur) cause we had a baby gate up so he could not get by the bedrooms. Hoppy has had full run of the house except bedrooms which is where lucky is kept in my daughters bedroom. Now that we moved the baby gate does not fit to block off the hallway so now hoppy goes by my daughters room and pees and poops by her door I had to put a towel down to soak up the pee so it's not sitting on the hard wood floors all day while we are at work. I want to start the bonding process in the next week but I'm unsure how to start this cause of hoppy marking outside the bedroom door. Hoppy is very dominate and a pain in the butt personality while lucky is sweet and loves to be pet and cuddled. With the two personalities I'm concerned especially since hoppy has tried to hurt lucky 3 times now (there was fur everywhere). Would it be a bad idea to move Lucy's cage out in the living room with lucky in the cage or what can I do.  Lucky has a toy stuffed bunny in his cage should I bring it out in the living room and let hoppy do what he wants with the stuffed bunny or what. I have a hard time catching hoppy so I'm thinking the bathtub idea would be hard to do to get them together. Any suggestions would be great just so u know how hard it is to catch hoppy we have to chase him around with a towel and hope to throw it over him and catch him before he gets out of the towel, he never let's us groom him unless he is in a towel on his back. Thanks Cheri

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10/28/2012 1:12 PM
Especially since they have fought before, I would definitely proceed with caution. Like you said, introducing stuffed animals or towels would be a great idea, so each bunny can get more used to the scent of the other. Is there anywhere in the house where neither of them are allowed right now? Maybe you could set them up side by side (but with space in between!) in a neutral territory.
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