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9/08/2012 3:36 AM

Ages ago, I posted that I sadly gave up the opportunity to adopt my friend's rabbit, whom I adore, to bond to my Sophie. I got over it and adopted Liam, it was love at first sight, they were busily living happily ever after.

Due to a circumstance change, I was asked to temporarily house Finnegan, her rabbit. I had him neutered,with her permission, and he's living in a condo guest house across the street from his two neighbors. This became a request for me to keep him. Being concerned about where he could end up if I declined, I've decided to try and make it work. Finn is about three. Here he is being unimpressed with his very first well-bunny visit.



So I'm making an attempt to bond him with my two, both together and separately. I had high hopes, because Finn has interacted with lots of animals, and Sophie and Liam bonded with no issue at all. They both started out friendly, but Finn was obnoxious and humpy with both of them, which finally irritated my happy Liam into putting him in his place. Finn found this confusing, as he's used to being the boss of all he surveys.

Finn's hormone's have calmed down a lot, so there is less fighting, but his poor first impression has brought us to a standstill. All three of them can hang out anywhere. The bathtub, the living room, outside, whatever. I even dropped Finn into their pen once to try and get some interaction. They happily ignore each other, flopping and grooming themselves. If Finn passes too close to Sophie, she runs. If he gets too close to Liam, Liam adopts a defensive pose. Liam chases very rarely, but Finn knows Liam will win, so if Liam gives him The Look, Finn runs.

 Overall, they get along "fine." I could probably leave the unattended and they'd sort out their spats as they come up and just do their separate things. They are all pretty mellow. But how do I get them past the "awkward new room mate" stage?

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9/08/2012 4:04 PM
Have you tried a stress bonding to help them get over the "hump"? I've seen a lot of the veteran BB members suggest taking the buns (Finn and another bun) on a drive trip in a carrier. Maybe the stress will help the get closer not feel 'awkward'.

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9/08/2012 5:31 PM
Wow it actually looks like you are doing really well. I think that a car trip for those three could be really good. It might bring them closer together. The fact that they aren't ripping each others heads off is a great sign and even in non-neutral territory. Good luck, but i wouldn't think you needed too much of it.

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