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9/02/2012 1:18 AM

I have a male bun, Binky, he was neutered quite some time ago now..and also a female bun, Winnie, she also has been spayed. At the moment one has the dining room to run around and the other has the kitchen. 

I would like for both rabbits to run pretty much wherever they want around the house once bunnyproofed and i'd like for them to be together anyway.

Even after doing quite a lot of reading I can't help but still be really quite nervous about starting the bonding process.

It needs to be done in a room neither of them have been in, correct? Because of territory issues? So i need to bun proof the living room so that theres no escaping under the sofa, etc. Then how do i start? The vet says sight and smell actual interaction?

I'm scared of them fighting as Binky is an attention hog. They've both seen each other as he has got into the kitchen a few times while Win has been in her cage. Neither of them have seemed that bothered by each other. Its only when Winnie tried to get on his territory while he was out of his cage I picked up on tension from Binky's side. I'm fairly certain they can smell each other as the dining room and kitchen are right next to each other, you have to go through one to get to the other and the only barricade is a big cardboard box.

Theres also getting them to the living room in the first place. Binky HATES being picked up and its very hard to do so. Hes terrified of being off the ground, Winnie can be difficult too.

I've considered putting both in their carriers and putting them nose to nose to begin with, so they cant actually touch each other but can really see and smell.

Any advice or useful suggestions would be very appreciated.

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9/02/2012 7:16 PM
I would suggest putting them both in a carrier and taking them on a car ride. You can even put the carrier on top of a washer or dryer (the sound/motion stresses them out a bit). Then when you get home put them both in a small neutral space, bathrooms work well Make sure you have a water bottle ready to spray them of they start fighting. I have had bunnies instantly love each other and I never had to separate after the initial car ride/neutral time. Right now I am trying to bond a trio and it has been a work on progress. Always end the bonding session on a good note.

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9/06/2012 2:32 AM
luvmyhunybuny gave you some good suggestions. A lot of people start them in the bathtub because it's small and neutral. I suggest putting them in the tub (with a mat on the bottom for traction) and if there is aggression, then do some stress bonding (a car ride or on the washing machine). Keep the first meetings short and try to end on a positive note. Wear gloves to protect your hands, just in case.
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9/13/2012 1:00 PM
Well I don't drive so a car journey is out of the question..and I don't have a bath, i have a shower cubicle only so that wont work either.
I like the idea of giving them time together and then progressing to stress bonding if needed if theres any sign of aggression. The only rooms i can really introduce them to each other is the living room..and i'd need to block some space off..or my bedroom. A lot of other parts of the house I was previously going to use are having work done so are carpetless or not bun safe.

We want to try the first session on Saturday, its just planning it out!

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9/15/2012 5:59 AM
I've decided on trying some pre-bonding before taking the plunge. We're going to move Winnie's cage next to Binky's,
exchange litter trays and use a cuddly toy between them to see if that does anything to help.
At least it might help us figure out how they're going to react to each other face to face