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7/09/2012 8:47 PM

I understand that bonding two females, is hard. But they had a REALLY GOOD introduction. Where the new lop (Lucy 5.5lbs) was submissive to (Rigby 3.5lbs) the dwarf. However, now that I've taken them home, it's all chinning and fighting and fur everywhere.

 They are caged side by side so they are forced to "sleep" together. And are given separate play times. A few bathtub bonding sessions where only one was successful until there was fighting. And it's been fighting ever since. So I think I'mma take a break with actual playtime, and at night just switch their cages.

 I love Rigby as she's my main Bun, and she follows me and even sits in my lap. But I haven't given Lucy time to bond with me, but I'm actually scared she might have a respiratory issue, or allergies. I don't want Rigby catching anything. Rigby was just vet checked and is in perfect health. (Adding that both bun's are Spayed) and Lucy was at the vet a month ago with her previous owner and said that she never seen Lucy sneeze before. There is no discharge until she does crazy sneezes (boogers and stuff) but her nose isn't runny and her eyes have no discharge. Can Rabbit's be allergic to dogs? LOL cause my dog is allergic to everything too, so I understand this whole issue.

I would just like some advice maybe? I'm almost starting to regret adopting Lucy. But I've been looking for a long time and have even contacted many shelters and well, no ones really been nice enough with me until Lucys owner helped me out. She also had 5 other bunnies, 2 bonded pair and a 3 pair bond. And Lucy was lonely so she was finding her a home since she thought it wasn't fair.

 What should I do? I'm not used to this and I'm getting stressed. But I'm also known to over think, panic and assume.

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7/09/2012 9:37 PM
Well I suppose if you have a concern with Lucy you could just have your vet check her out first before you introduce them. If it's respiratory it could be controlled with antibiotics and really it would not be a big deal. Allergies would not be contagious either.