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6/26/2012 9:30 AM

I currently have 3 netherland dwarf rabbits and they have been with each other for a long time.. I took the two parents in after a neighbor didn't want to care for them after the doe got pregnant. I spayed and neutered both the mom and dad and their daughter as well. I was looking to adopt another rabbit in. She's been in the shelter for a while and is fairly young.

Do you guys think it's safe to introduce the new rabbit? If so, what are the best ways to introduce one new rabbits to a family of 3 rabbits?


Thank you

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6/26/2012 9:59 AM
Hiya I have a black Netherlands dwarf he's beautiful. They definitely make up for their size in character.

From what I have read/experienced there are a couple of rules to stick to,
The new bunny must be desexed before you even think about putting them together,
The best way to bond them would be to work in a totally neutrally place for all bunnys with an x pen, have the new bunny in the pen then gradually add your bunnys,
Eg, put bunny one in the new bunny, and see how they act with eachother, if all is ok after a couple of mins add next bunny and so on and so forth. I would keep the sessions short and alwayyysss end the session on a good note.

I don't no if it's better to let the bunny u are most expecting to react badly first and if that goes well add the next one, I no with bonding my two, I no to keep more of an eye on twinks because she is more feisty than stitch.

Hope this helps a bit?

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6/28/2012 3:11 AM
I think that its great you want to help a shelter rabbit.

However, keep in mind that bonding a rabbit to an existing trio is a very difficult and lengthy process and there is always the possibility they won't bond. Are you prepared to keep the fourth bunny as a separate bun?

When bonding multiple rabbits, according to my research, its usually advisable to do one on one bonding. Like Stichnwinks suggested start with the most dominant bunny.

You'll have to give the new rabbit plenty of time to adjust in her new home before starting bonding as meeting so many rabbits will be very stressful. Shell also need to time to settle her hormones after spaying, if she isn't already.
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