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2/21/2012 7:05 PM

So, Peanut is about 9 weeks old.  I adopted him from a feed store where someone had taken an unexpected litter of bunnies to find homes.  He was originally living with one of his littermates, but that one got adopted before I got Peanut.  When I came in the day after that bunny got adopted, Peanut looked super sad and lonely.  I had originally intended to maybe get both--they looked so content together and when he was alone he definitely looked worse.

They told me he's too young to tell what sex he is, so I had to hold off on getting another bunny.  The thing is, I have a feeling he is lonely and also he is so little, I feel bad about leaving him alone.  This is the first time he's been without another bunny.  I can't stay with him 24/7 though.  What to do?


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2/21/2012 8:04 PM
This is actually a common feeling in people with only one rabbit.
Yes, your rabbit might be feeling some separation issues due to being removed from his littermates recently, and also because he is quite young. However, your rabbit is now bonding to you and enjoying your companionship. Rabbits do wonderfully as "single" pets, especially because their schedules mesh so well with ours. While you're at work, your rabbit is most likely sleeping anyway! Rabbits are most active in the morning and later in the evening, which are great times for you to spend with Peanut anyway. As long as you are spending time with him and allowing him to get adequate exercise and mental stimulation, I'm sure he's doing fine!

I wouldn't consider getting another bunny until you have bonded with this little guy and he is old enough to be neutered, anyway. Most members here recommend waiting a year or two to spend with your rabbit before introducing another one into the mix. It takes quite a while to truly bond with a rabbit and earn their trust, so I would make the most of the time you have with the rabbit you have and not worry about getting him a friend until you both are truly ready.

If you're concerned about your rabbit when you leave, get him a stuffed friend! There are rabbit look-alike stuffed toys, or just give him a teddy bear to snuggle (provided that he doesn't chew it to pieces). Also, make sure he has plenty of chew toys, like willow sticks or willow balls, toilet paper tubes, or plastic jars (like clean peanut butter jars) with rocks inside to roll around. A digging box or phone book is also another great option.

I wouldn't worry too much about your rabbit being lonely; although rabbits do enjoy each others' company, it isn't a necessity. Rabbits do well on their own as long as they have a loving owner and are provided with a lot of entertainment!

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2/22/2012 1:40 AM
Emkvet said it all perfectly. Take time to bond with your bunny, you can always get a second later on after your first is neutered (or spayed). My first bunny was a single bun for about a year before we adopted Max. We have a great bond now, even after getting her a mate.
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2/22/2012 5:08 AM
emkvet said it better than I could! It's normal to wonder if your rabbit is lonely, but he's really not - he's just fine. Rabbit faces aren't as expressive as dogs or some other animals and they often have a "disapproving" expression, but it doesn't mean they're sad or lonely - that's just how they look all the time. Definitely take the time to bond with him and get him fixed before considering another. I'd recommend waiting until he's a year old and revisiting it then. Even if you got his sibling, they probably wouldn't get along at puberty and you'd have the expense of getting them both fixed and have to spend time re-bonding them anyway.
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2/22/2012 5:42 PM
emkvet really said it best! Instead of spreading resources between two bunnies, now you can spend a few extra dollars for the best food and more veggies for your bunny! Plus if this is your first house rabbit, or the first you have had in a while, take some time to see how a bunny fits back into your lifestyle. Later on, once your boy is neutered, consider fostering some bunnies for your local rescue to see if you like having two bunnies around.

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2/26/2012 8:12 PM
He does have a stuffed bunny. I will see about getting him some more toys. I guess I don't really have the option of getting another one til he's neutered...

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2/26/2012 9:06 PM
Posted By peanutsmom on 02/26/2012 11:12 PM
He does have a stuffed bunny. I will see about getting him some more toys. I guess I don't really have the option of getting another one til he's neutered...


2 unfixed rabbits will never successfully bond. They will both have sex on the brain. It is not a good picture

It takes patience! Just take it easy and bond with your rabbit. You will be surprised by how a rabbit is


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