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Tucson, AZ
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2/19/2012 7:56 PM

 My friend is going to be living in my apartment coming August and she has fallen in love with bunnies and is thinking about getting a bunny... that means 2 bunnies in my apartment, which, I am totally fine with.  But what about the buns?  What about play time?  There is only one big room and my bun lives in the big room so I am sure if Tipsy was in her home and the new bun went up to her, Tipsy would freak out.  But then what if we bonded them?  Then we have to separate them for when we go back home to visit my parents and then separate them permanently after the summer of 2013 when we graduate... I am not sure how they would handle that.  What are you thoughts?  Would this be at all possible?  The bun's saftey and sanity are my number one priority.

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2/19/2012 9:26 PM
Definitely do not bond them if they will be separated. That's rather cruel to keep them apart

If she does get a bunny, keep it i a different area and do not let them interact.

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2/20/2012 2:25 AM
Why don't you suggest that you "share" Tipsy while you are living together? That way Tipsy will get double the attention and your friend can see what it is really like having and caring for a rabbit.

It would only be one year and like MB said, you cannot separate bonded rabbits.

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Cleveland, Ohio (USA)
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2/20/2012 4:24 AM
I agree with Sarita's idea to "sublet" Tipsy to the roommate! That allows her to become very familiar with rabbits (the good AND the bad), daily care, proper diet, housing, etc... And then when she moves, she'll be very prepared for getting her own bunny.

You can't allow casual playtime between two bunnies, not only may they fight, but one or both may develop poor litterbox habits and mark territory. And, there's always the "risk" that they may bond, in which it would be heartbreaking to separate them.
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