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User is Offline Elena Niznik
Glasgow (Scotland)
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8/26/2006 11:05 AM

How does everyone keep their bunnies looking their best. I know that rabbits are extremely clean critters but evey now and then Boo can get a bit dishevelled from playing outside or digging in her dirt box especially her hawks and under belly.

usually a good brush works but other times she needs a quick wash with damp cotton wool. How do you guys clean your bunnies when they need that extra bit of help? She sometimes likes to play in a tray wth no more than a few mm of water in it but its to be on her terms she is quite the diva! Are there such things as bunny shampoo or grooming wipes?

User is Offline Gravehearted
Campbell, CA
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8/29/2006 9:10 AM
I generally just use a brush on my bunnies.

I'd be inclined to just use a wash cloth and warm water to clean any dirty areas. They do make shampoos and wipes, but I haven't personally used them. Since bunnies lick their fur, she could potentially injest whatever product you used. Baths can really stress out bunnies, so I wouldn't recommend going that route for grooming purposes.
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User is Offline Ester Yeh
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8/29/2006 9:19 AM
that must be why my bunny pooped like crazy in the tub last time i gave him a bath..

User is Offline BB
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8/30/2006 10:13 PM

I have heard of wipes, but I honestly have never had to use them, so I'll check around for you regarding how well they work or if there is anything negative to watch for.  Maybe what you could do  in the meantime is wet a brush/comb and see if that can help clean your bunny. 

Most of my bunnies haven't had to have full baths.  Usually just a body part bath.

Bailey needs a regular "bum" wash because she has a crooked spine (either it's how she was made, or she had an injury before I adopted her)  So she can't get to her backside so easily.  

I use a shampoo that the vet gave me. Chlorhexiderm. It has an anti bacteria that Bailey needs so so I can fight off any infection due to her not being able to clean herself so well.

I don't give her a full bath, but instead clean only the areas that need it.  So for example, her foot and her bum. I'll put those under luke warm running water, suds them up, and then rinse thoroughly. I really try to avoid the more dense fur on her back because it takes forever to dry.

Then I dry with cloth and paper towels (they seem to really soak up the moisture.

Sometimes Jack can get smelly, and it usually means he needs his anal glands cleaned out.  eeewwww!

Other than that I just comb out the loose hair (Jack HATES to be brushed, but sometimes I do have to force the issue especially when he's molting.  

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