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Last Post by Gina Won at 8/24/2006 10:50 PM (4 Replies)
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User is Offline Sarah Jones
London, UK
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8/03/2006 1:20 AM
i have redesigned my flat, all lovely like, shrunk the cage a little to put it in alcove, moved my recliner by the kitchen counter, and now bunny has a whole new higher world to explore, my kitchen tops! it doesn't matter how i lay the flat out, there's always something for him to chew! no wires now, but boy - he's found a love of candles / picture frames / kitchen roll / wooden work tops etc that is unbelievable. my candles were devoured!

i honestly don't understand how he is still alive, he survives solely on wax and plastic bags at the moment. now everything i own is shoved on one little chest he can't reach and all my other surfaces have to remain empty! boo! my flat is looking more eccentric every day!

why won't bunny stop eating stuff that tastes horrible! (surely wax cannot be nice?!)

User is Offline Lucy
Chicago, IL
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8/03/2006 3:43 AM
you know what's odd? fujoe did the same thing with one of my candles, except the wax fell on the carpet and before I could get it out, he started to eat it, along with the carpet. . .i don't know what it's all about either though

User is Offline BB
San Francisco Bay Area
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8/03/2006 10:11 PM

I love candles too, and some smell so good, I am tempted to take a bite too! LOL.   I do have to keep mine up and out of the way  - but mostly because I am just so clumsy, I would be sure to knock them over.

Candles seem to be a favorite for some bunnies. I don't know if it's the scent and soft texture that make it irresistible, but I know that candles are on the "caution list" of things to watch for during Christmas.  I haven't read where it's toxic, though I can't imagine large amounts are good!  But caution was geared more to the fact that some bunnies like them so much that they may try to get them even while they are burning. 

User is Offline barbara elliott
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8/22/2006 7:22 PM


Jhumpa's like that too--though he hasn't discovered candles (yet).  He has sampled dozens of our books, and currently has several full-scale demolition projects going.  Fortunately, they seem to drop off a new phone book for us once every few months around here.  Chewing is one thing, but what puzzles me is that he is so intent on Eating these books/papers/etc.  How could that taste good?  Why does he do it?  Although, I guess if your tummy was geared toward hay and the like, maybe paper isn't such a stretch... ?

Silly bunnies!


User is Offline Gina Won
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8/24/2006 10:50 PM
You know what? Neither of my bunnies like basil. Flops will nibble on it for recreation just because it's there, but it's definitely not her first choice...same with Seamus (we have even offered them a selection of both italian and thai basil)! Additionally, neither of them like mint...I think those two herbs are too pungent for them? So sad, especially since we grow them in copious quantities in our back yard! Now if only we could figure out how to grow cilantro...

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