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11/12/2006 6:26 AM
i just wanted to know  the birthdays of all the bunnies! Orange Juice's birthday is May 3rd 2006 mine is just 6 days after his im May 9th.the reason i wanted to know the b days of bunnies is so that you now how we give wishes to bunnies who go in to be altered we could give b day wishes let me know if you like my idea if you do give me the bunny b days!

love lpuff OJ'S mom

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11/12/2006 11:18 PM
it sounds like fun, but I don't have official birthdates for my bunnies :-(
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11/14/2006 12:09 PM
thats ok you can make up one if you want t or you can do something close to your birthday.

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11/14/2006 12:58 PM
Maybe we can celebrate when the bunnies-home-with-us-days...Like the first day you bring in your rescue.
Bungelina ~ 1/2/06
Mabel was ~1/29/06
Hugo was ~ 9/17/05
Yea! Hugo has been taking over my home for over a year! I didn't realize it has been that long!

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11/14/2006 3:37 PM

Sophie's bday is March 17th . Her first day home with me was March 21st (she was the runt and needed some special TLC)

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11/14/2006 9:09 PM

Great Idea LPuff!!    For those of us who don't know the exact date of our bunnies birthdays because they are rescues we use our rescue dates and put down their estimated age.   For example, I rescued Rucy October 11, 2002.   At the time she was estimated to be about a year and half.  So I can either count backwards and estimate her birthdate to be March 11, 2001, or just use the adoption date as her birthdate and change the year to reflect the closest date to her age.

I actually have to go back through my files to get the adoption dates of my other two.  So I'll be back.

Again, thoughtful idea LPuff!

We can also add our birthdays -eh hem and keep out the years for those who want to.


Okay so I'm back with dates:

Rucy's Birthday: October 11, 2001

Bailey's Birthday: March 1, 2001

Jack's Birthday:  June 7th, 2003

My Birthdate - January 22nd

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11/15/2006 6:22 AM
Yeah - I was a little vague about what to celebrate with my bun.

She was found by ACC last Nov and extimated at 4-6 months, and I adopted her 9/9/06, so I THINK she's about a year and a half old.

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11/16/2006 7:13 PM
Let's see...

I adopted Seamus on 5/13/06 but it was estimated he was ~ 2 yrs at the time, so I guess his birthday is 5/13/04? Let's just say he was born on 5/13/06 since that's the day he found his forever home

Floppy came home with us on 5/15/06 and was estimated to be 1 yr old, but we can say she was born on 5/15/06 just because that day was the beginning of her new life. =D