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11/05/2006 2:33 AM

My gorgeouse little rex won't stop eating she always seems to be hungry although i am limiting her diet to the usual she just seems to eat other 'unhealthy' things instead, e.g. carboard, the sides of the doors, paper, and anything else she can get hold of. I am trying to find a vet to get her spayed will this stop when this has been done or do i need to be worried??


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11/06/2006 6:55 PM
well bunnies do love to chew things - it's pretty much the way they experience and enjoy things. cardboard is pretty normal for chewing as is paper and shouldn't hurt her - but you'll want to come up with some ways to block her from eating the doorjams. Some bunnies will actualy eat cardboard, but often you'll find a little piled of ripped bits nearby.

Spaying can cut down on destructive digging kinds of behavior and will be beneficial to her health - but I doubt it will stop her from nibbling.

I'd recommend giving her some things to chew on like seagrass mats, a basket (unpainted, no screws/nail/glue). Another favorite is a cardboard cottontail cottage that's a multi level cardboard house.
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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > DIET & CARE > Miah won't stop eating!!