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10/08/2006 1:22 PM
I've always wondered, when my buns are chewing on their pieces of wood or cardboard etc., it looks like they are swallowing it. What does that do for their insides?

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10/11/2006 10:11 PM
Wood is usually not a problem unless it's a toxic type of wood to bunnies  - like redwood.   But if it's la safe wood like willow, or apple branches, then they can eat it without a problem.

Cardboard: Most bunnies will consume a little while they are tearing  apart.  Most if left on the ground, but it isn't unusual for a bunny to eat a few pieces, however, if your bunny is eating it like crazy and not leaving cardboard  crumbs, then  you may want to be careful with cardboard  as I have heard it is possible for this to cause digestive problems.

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