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Last Post by Gina Won at 10/03/2006 10:37 AM (5 Replies)
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9/29/2006 2:01 PM
My two bunnies, Floppy (5 lbs) and Seamus (3 lbs) go through roughly 10 lbs of timothy hay per month. How about you guys? Also, how big are each of your buns?

User is Offline Ester Yeh
Houston, TX
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9/30/2006 10:17 AM not sure..i think alot of hay probly gets wasted around here since its always all over the place and im constantly vacuuming it up

User is Offline ea hurse
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10/01/2006 4:10 AM
The hay/ forage i get comes in bale sizes rather than weight and i've never bothered to weigh it to be honest. i don't know about rabbit lbs either- mine are weighed in kilos! Lollo was 2kg of pure muscle when he had the snip but prob slightly more now. he eats about 3-4 large fistfuls a day (mix of dried forage and timothy hay, sometimes alfafa too). Chino was just shy of 1kg a few weeks ago but has grown so poss just over that now. She has 2 large handfuls a day of the same but more alfafa too. I don't know Blue's weight as the vet checked her over at the rescue didn't pass that info on and also she has lost a bit of weight due to me putting her on sensible food in sensible quantities. i would guess around 3kg though. She really doesnt approve of hay, she thinks its a waste of time. she only tends to eat it if i either feed it to her strand by strand as if it were a treat, or if i withdraw all other food until she has had some- even then she'll have maybe half a handful tops and then just won't eat (and also when she's had enough hay she pees on it....).

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10/02/2006 8:08 PM
I go through about 10 pounds of hay per month for the 3 bunnies.  Like others though, some of it gets wasted as they pull it out, and hang out on it, and then pee on it when they are done.

User is Offline Elena Niznik
Glasgow (Scotland)
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10/03/2006 2:35 AM
I too go throw 10 lbs of hay for my two bunnies. Boo is tiny and is only 1.4 lbs (0.6kgs) (aw) Rollo is very large for a mini lop and weighs 4 lbs. (1.8 kgs)
Boo tends to eat the most hay were as Rollo prefers his greens and grass. But like everyone else most of it tends to get dumped because they dig in it and pee on it.

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10/03/2006 10:37 AM
Posted By tallullu on 10/03/2006 5:35 AM
Boo is tiny and is only 1.4 lbs (0.6kgs) (aw)
hehe that's adorable! "(0.6 kgs) (aw)

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