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11/10/2012 5:15 PM

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Can you mix simethicone and reglan?  Currently Lola is perscribed .7ml on reglan every 8 hours but I didn't know if I could also give simethicone with it.


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11/11/2012 7:10 AM
I don't know, but until someone here who does know can reply, I would suggest you email any exotic vets in your area with that question. Make sure they know it's a bunny. My vet can read a question and make a simple reply via email quickly, as opposed to calling a vet and waiting for a call back etc. It's a yes or no answer, so shouldn't require any thing more complicated like a suggestion of a visit etc.

Meanwhile, I hope someone here knows for certain.

P. S. Thinking about this, why don't you call & email the prescribing dr. first?  It's possible your vet will want to know your reason for asking, and if it's something that's come up since she got the reglan, it may mean a change of meds if it's a reaction to it, a side effect, etc.

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BINKYBUNNY FORUMS > DIET & CARE > Can you mix simethicone and reglan?