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10/27/2012 10:53 AM
On the HRS site it says to not give banana, pineapple, or orange peels, but doesn't say a reason, and I couldn't find one on google either. What is the reason? Is it not healthy or something else? I'm assuming it's due to pesticides because they are thick skinned and generally peeled by people before eating, so maybe pesticides are used more liberally on these three? If so, I guess I could just wash them well... they really like these peels as treats, and it's an economical use of biproducts!

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10/28/2012 6:50 AM
I'm not sure if there is a reason other than pesticides, but yes, pesticides are used much more on these products. I wouldn't feed them just for that reason.
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10/28/2012 12:57 PM
I'm with LPT on this - I never feed peels because of pesticides. I don't know how far pesticides permeate into the peel, but I suspect for most agricultural practices it might be more than just a superficial thing. I doubt there's much wrong with eating the peels...a quick google search seems to say that some people eat banana skins too (what??) and if anything, herbivore liver enzymes are much more adept at dealing with bitter and possibly noxious chemicals found in plants.
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10/28/2012 1:21 PM
I have wondered the reason too! Sometimes I wish there was an answer for everything!

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