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10/14/2012 7:33 AM

A week ago we woke up to find our bunny's litter box empty in the morning (it's usually well used) and her evening food still untouched. She was lying in the corner of her cage more bunched up than her usual relaxed stretch... with no morning greeting for the first person up and about (dish banging usually).  We ran her to the vet the minute they opened (thanks to BinkyBunny's warning we were aware how bad this is) and he found her system to be completely empty. He put her on meds to get her system "going" and several other things I was too panicked to focus on what they actually did... but it wasn't fun. THEN, that evening, she started moving a bit of the food we were syringe feeding her and her bowel movements stuck to her bottom. I cut the goo off of her fur and found a few "sore" spots from her ripping her hair out there herself. It was traumatic to the rabbit and her people. We kept working away... and thanks to a link from Binky Bunny mentioning it can be a slow recovery.... and she seemed to be turning around a bit. We did move her back to her old smaller cage thinking the new "huge" cage was making her stress a bit... and immediately she seemed less tense. Today we finally woke up to find her evening dish empty... her litter box full and bunny greeting us at the side of her cage... She even rolled onto her back in her usually happy way. We reevaluated her diet and realized we were getting sloppy on giving her too much banana...and other treats (we didn't realize healthy cereal isn't necessarily healthy for her). She is back on track with her diet... and blessedly looking like her old self. This site saved her life and I thank everyone involved with posting information here. I cannot emphasize how excited I am to see her pull through.

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10/14/2012 8:47 AM
Welcome, thanks for posting your story.

So glad your bunny is better!

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10/14/2012 8:53 AM
It's very scary when bunnies go into GI stasis. I'm glad that your bunny has recovered. Make sure that she is eating plenty of hay and keep the treats to a minimum. A little bit of fruit, such as apple, pear, etc., is okay, but human food like cereal and crackers should be avoided.

I hope that your bunny continues to be her happy, healthy self! Welcome to Binky Bunny!

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